If I added a testimonial section to joinmastodon.org, what would you say? Please only reply if you're OK with me using your response with your username and avatar on joinmastodon.org*

* Not guaranteed I'll use every response

I'm not an expert on marketing by any means so take it with a grain of salt but my impression is that testimonials are more effective when you tell about your personal experience instead of just saying "x is y". So if you could say what Mastodon enabled you to do or what it means to you that would be a lot better than if you just said that Mastodon has something.

@Gargron I'm personally addicted to Mastodon, for me it's like if Facebook or Twitter had a friendly version— where I can discuss things with people around the world about every single thing they love. If there's a subreddit for everything, of course there's also a Mastodon instance for everything: I've got one profile for sharing art, another one for casual conversation and another one for politics.

@Gargron I can also look for my favourite client app between a list of clients that is growing each day further. Now, I'm in love with @Tusky, but I'm also willing to try some of the equally marvelous apps on the iOS' App Store.

There's a lot of ways things can be, and Mastodon surely is the best way social networking and microblogging can be: free, decentralized and civilized.


@Gargron I authorize you to cut some parts of my words (and change some, in case of grammar mistakes) in order to find the ones that fit better for a testimonial page.

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