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@meeracomposes @detsolnet @CMOfficeAssam @meenakandasamy @suchitrav @sucheta_ml @Dipankar_cpiml @jigneshmevani80 @napmindia @tarun_gogoi Comrade Balindra is an Assam state committee member of the @cpimlliberation. Atrocious that BJP goons who besieged his home are not arrested but he is arrested - for seeking compensation for victims of land grab.

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Com. Balindra Saikia, who has democratically been demanding due compensation for certain families has been arbitrarily arrested by the Assam police. Allegedly, earlier in the day a ruling party mob surrounded his home, but Balindra has been arrested instead!

RT @Rayaan41
सलाम है इस महिला शक्ति को🙏
मुम्बई की सड़क पर लगातार 5 घण्टे खड़े रहकर लोगो को मेनहोल में गिरने से बचाती ये 👇महिला।

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Surprised that Amitabh Bachchan named his kids Abhishek & Shweta and not T-1 & T-2.

RT @SDey83
My salute to those people who did it. They have proved, there are no bigger Religion than "Humanity".

RT @SaifulJamia
बिहार के स्वास्थ्य मंत्री और भाजपा नेता मंगल पांडे के शहर सिवान के सदर अस्पताल की हालत है, तो आप सोच लीजिए कि बिहार के अस्पतालों की क्या हालत होगी।
बाढ़ जैसी आपदा पर भी @nitishkumar चुप्पी साधे हुए हैं, शायद अब तक पटना खबर नहीं पहुंची है।

RT @Mfeku_
150 मुल्कों की जनता ढूंढ रहा है...😂
मोदी ने क्या मदद किया...??

पर किसी को कुछ दिखा नही???
जैसे आजतक हमे नही दिखा😉

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"Given his academic qualifications and experiences, he could’ve easily worked with any private giant in any city of his choosing, but he chose what he always preached, making a difference in those lives who do not have access to better facilities"


RT @voiceofmurtuza
अल्लाह सभी कोरोना की बीमारी से परेशान लोगों को तू सेहत अदा कर 🙏🙏🙏

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दुल्हन का डाँस देखो...😍😍

मज़ा आ जायेगा...😂🤣


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Ram Mandir bhoomi pujan ceremony is scheduled for 5th Aug with 300 invitees including PM Modi.

Unlock 2.0 guidelines issued by the MHA clearly prohibit religious gatherings of any kind.

I've filed an RTI with the MHA asking if exemption was given & on what grounds.


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Horrific ... seems like a space where no one fears law. Sad that a man who protests against eve teasing is murdered in broad day light . What must be the perception of law that people dare to do this. twitter.com/aartic02/status/12

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Hospital in Mahoba Uttar Pradesh
The hard work of Modi and Yogi is visible.

RT @pritamSpcc
6 साल से क्वारेंटाइन मे है ये महान इंसान 🙏
आप लोगों को कुछ कहना हैं इनके बारे में ?

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The economy is facing the worst recession in history. And Govt. of India’s response is to cut expenditure! The move will further weaken aggregate demand hasten the economic collapse.After demonetisation this going to be the biggest blow to the economy.

RT @pkprantar1
এই বিপন্ন শিশুর কান্না.... ওই মৃত মায়ের লাশ আমরা লুকোবো কোথায়? কে দায়ী এই পরিস্থিতির জন্য? রাষ্ট্র কি দায় এড়াতে পারে? শাসকের উদ্দেশ্যে চিৎকার করে বলতে চাই:
"স্বজন হারানো শ্মশানে তোদের চিতা আমি তুলবোই"...

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Every Strong Voice raised against Modi has been Silenced with Misuse of Power, Sad Part is Courts have also Supported it!
One Voice is of Sanjiv Bhatt an Honest and Brave IPS officer, Who had raised Strong Voice against Modi and his Role in 2002 Riots...

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