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k so theres sort of a story here which is that i used to take really long walks between midnight and 4 am because i have depression, and i understand that going out alone at night isnt precisely "safe" but like...yknow. anyways when i see a large shadow with a face i get scared and freeze but i did get my flashlight out and realize wtf i was looking at

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i cooked a grilled cheese on my cast iron and im euphoric because the cheese melted down and fried on the pan, and it peeled away effortlessly and made a cheese crust. the stuff dreams are made of. teflon would never. fuck you teflon

i just drank 3 cups of coffee (i have low tolerance) and im thinking theres got to be an ethical alternative to this stuff? perhaps ritalin?

my first post on tumblr was on dec 12, 2010. it said

"i went to wal-mart and they didn’t have party hats

it was stupid"

i think there's something wrong with the ask function on tumblr anyway its like the only two options people can send you are "why are you fat" and "why do you hate trans men"

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i just realized i can "close" my ask box, and virtually "delete" my anxiety about getting rude asks on tumblr. my friends i signed up for that website in 2010

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People today have access to more cool ranch flavour in one chip than a medieval peasant could dream of having in a lifetime

millions or possibly billions of reblogs consigned to drafts forever, because ill publish them only once i've read the links

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my tumblr mutuals havent yet learned that if you dont reblog information, you will never reblog misinformation. smh

"i dont want my pizza burning" was more impactful than the original song

gender is a scam invented by bathroom companies in the 1960's in order to sell more bathrooms

my laptop is awesome because it gets approximately 30 seconds of battery life

the only thing worse than being on mastodon is being anywhere else

its like crazy browsing tumblr and i see a screenshot of mastodon on there lol

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