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NEWS: The GPL Compliance suit against VMware is moving forward -- the first appeal action took place in Germany yesterday:

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EU just ensured I’ll never trust an autonomous car

EU hijacking: self-driving car data will be the manufacturer / Boing Boing

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In other news, Google just decided to ban people from signing in if they have JavaScript disabled in their browser.

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this is the most perverse thing i've ever seen. using *css* for keybindings

the gnome freaks have truly gone insane
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Put your city on the FLOSS map! Send us your proposal to host Akademy 2019 in your home town:

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Kontact, KDE's all-in-one solution for email, calendars, contacts, and notes, has launched a brand new website. Check it out at:

Oh look, it's possible to make a comprehensive without catering to PC culture and compromising and in the process:

Thanks @kde 🙃

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Enjoy having your mind blown.

If you're a programmer, this is a must read.

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It still offends me. A lot. That everybody still has phone numbers. And for more than just interfacing with legacy POTS land lines. It bugs me that a mobile phone isn't a mobile computer with a world-routable IPv6 address and that voice communication isn't just a special case application that runs on top of this.

It's even more annoying that programs that run over IP and don't use the non-IP parts of the mobile network still insist you have a 'phone number'.

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I found a first edition copy of Learning GNU Emacs at work. I've started reading it just to see how much of it is still relevant 27 years later. I'm not through the whole book yet, but so far all of it still applies. ALL of it.

There's more to do with #emacs these days, but holy cow that is cool that it's still pretty much the same editor it has always been.

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I may be forced to resign from Alpine, because I cannot see an ethical path forward that allows myself to contribute to a product Microsoft consumes in their attempts to promulgate Linux to an “app you download from the Windows Store.”

Where I am from, you don’t negotiate with terrorists, and Microsoft continue to terrorize many projects, companies and individuals with their software patent portfolio.

There is a strong reason why at work, we will only ever touch free software when building solutions for our customers. This is because software freedom is the most important concern when providing infrastructure and solutions to the most vulnerable among us. Software freedom keeps them safe.

To assist Microsoft in their efforts of promulgation is to assist them in their ongoing efforts to undermine software freedom. WSL is a trojan horse. It is not our friend, and we should not tolerate it’s consumption of our distributions.

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Digital Restrictions Management () is any technology that is built into an electronic product or service with the aim of limiting its range of uses.

Today is international :

Use the day and read on to inform yourself & others about DRM!

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Digital restrictions imposed by DRM endanger our citizen rights and open up a legal minefield for copyright reforms and exceptions to it. They hinder access to our digital heritage and knowledge, block citation and creativity.

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also endangers our privacy. Remember how in 2005 it was found out that the was spying on users and was loaded onto roughly 25 million CDs and infected more than 550,000 networks in more than one hundred countries:

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Use the to inform yourself about the dangers of , how you can break free or tell others why and how you resist DRM!

Find activities, networks and campaigns that you can engage in or support against DRM:

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endorsed so called and , but... after reading through actual legislation that was voted for (which is different from one proposed before), I'm not sure if it's such a bad thing... full text here:

It specifically excludes from directive:
- non-commercial hosting
- individuals
- open source projects

TLDR: It will hit only commercial and centralized service, which is good for us on ActivityPub where users can be free.

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How to turn everything upside down in 9 years: 2009 Microsoft was forced by the European Commission to add a ballot box to allow users to chose a browser freely. Two years later they got fined €561 million because they removed it again. Now they introduce a dialog which does the direct opposite, it warns users not to install a different browser than Microsoft Edge.

"Before heading out to capture Pokémon, you might want to consider the data the game has access to and the history of the company that created the game"

A friendly reminder that Pokemon Go and similar software might not be what it seems 🙃

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Submitted #RocketChat app to #fdroid. Should be available there in a few days.

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