Looking for better way to package for than putting all stuff in /opt smh...
This is what hell looks like

Oh my god, they do the same shit in .deb too? What is this?

@hellcp Is it a package from the Minecraft website? Then it's likely their deployment service.

@vinzv I will blame shitty world of electron based stuff on this, no regards for filesystem structure at all :/

@hellcp Yep that sounds like Electron builder: electron.build/configuration/l
Of course, this crap doesn't spit out no .src.rpm.

@vinzv On top of that it doesn't create position independent executables so you can't put data files in /usr/share, and instead have to dump everything into /usr/lib64 for it to
1. Pass RPM Lint (which for openSUSE is way too strict)
2. work at all


@hellcp @vinzv I don't see the point in packaging proprietary software in traditional way, especially when you can't (nor should) put it in official repositories or even OBS.

Make a flatpak or use snap which already has Minecraft packaged, those formats were designed for proprietary software in first place.

@gutigen @vinzv We can put it in nonfree repos no problem :D

@gutigen @hellcp And how do users get notified of there's a new version?

@vinzv @hellcp GNOME Software updates Flatpaks along with other packages, so does KDE Discover (which also supports Snaps).

@gutigen @hellcp But only for flatpaks/snaps which are in flathub or on snapcraft.io, right? Minecraft is only available on the latter.

@vinzv @hellcp You can add other repositories to both afaik, but not sure you should.

@gutigen @hellcp Yeah, it's all a bit unfortunate I guess. So sticking with classic packaging is what I'd prefer.

@vinzv @hellcp Sure, me too... but there is no place for proprietary software on my root partition and without sandbox :P

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