A new 2.9.8 release of @GIMP is now available (windows and macOS builds to follow)!


Have a look at some of the great new features (on-canvas gradient editing, clip warning, wayland support, paste in place, and more)!

@patdavid @GIMP I really wish we had Flatpaks for all the tools, including the development versions.

It's a bit ironic that it's much easier to install a lot of the FOSS graohics tools and the dev versions of all on Windows and macOS than it is on Linux. 😐

Hopefully that will change soon.

(I wonder if we should start a thread on the forum about it and ask people to help out?)

@garrett @patdavid @GIMP
I don't think flatpak is a solution, there are major issues with that approach and I recommend checking two things to get better idea:
Talk at GUADEC by openSUSE chairman Richard Brown youtube.com/watch?v=SPr--u4n8X

And this blog post about importance of distribution maintainers:

@gutigen @patdavid @GIMP Meanwhile, can you please point me to instructions for easily installing the following (at least as easy as it is on Win & Mac) on Linux:

- Darktable with support for my cameras's raw files (currently only available in source)
- unstable Gimp, as it supports high bit depth, etc.
- Rapid Downloader Pro
- HDRMerge

You can't, because they don't exist. So I have to try compile things from source. Flatpak would solve it.

@GIMP @patdavid @gutigen I've used computers since I was a kid, Linux for more than 2 decades, am a software developer, have worked at Linux companies for nearly 2 decades — and still have problems compiling & updating some of these from source.

Fragmented distros with random DEBs & RPMs (if you're lucky) haven't solved the problems of app distribution. They're also not able to be sandboxed or installed & ran as a user.

This is why we need Flatpak.


@garrett @GIMP @patdavid
Darktable and Rapid are in official openSUSE repositories, HDRMerge is not but there is OBS package. Maybe you should start using good distros :P

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