How's everyone doing? Here, despite a few delays, progress on the new TekAdvisor site continues, and the front-end for device pages is pretty much feature-complete at this point. Time to shift my focus to the software section!

"You call that a wrist rest; More like Chin rest! Now, be a darling and stay put."

It's been interesting to see webcam availability plummet these last few days. It looks like people are investing on their video conferencing gear.

Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know!

As expected, the cat's taken over the dog bed for the most part, but then again, Willow's concept of personal space's rather fuzzy.

A lot happened on TekAdvisor in 2019 and I've compiled the most pertinent changes and stats.

I've been in a retro mood lately, so I dug through some of my older consoles and decided to remove the batteries before they rot the whole thing.

PS2: completely take out of the case, remove the fan, pry the RF shield to barely reach the clock battery

Wii: take one screw off and the battery slides out on a tray. 😯

What I hope to achieve in the new year:
- cut in my work hours; what I have going right now is clearly counter-productive
- discover something I enjoy doing outside of work and find a way to work that into my routine

My data tells me a few things:
- Black Friday sales are definitely on!
- My curation efforts bore fruit this year, cutting significantly in the number of over-priced items in my database.
- The current sales have a localized effect, but not much of a global impact.

I managed to do as little as possible on my day off yesterday. Today, I feel disencumbered somewhat after overworking myself these past few weeks.
Take care of yourselves out there.

This week, on TekAdvisor, I made slight improvements but otherwise slowed down a bit this week in preparation for the upcoming Black Friday sales.

Last week, on TekAdvisor, I introduced a new feature helping compare your options, updated the Gaming System Guide and built up the database a bit.

The Google Graveyard, a list of products / projects Google killed off:

Yakkety Yak is so happy that you boosted, favorited the picture. Yak decided to make a photo session so you can have a wallpaper for personal use. πŸ“Έ

"How to read statistics"

Every time a state makes riding motorcycles without a helmet illegal, the number of ER patients seriously injured in motorcycle accidents skyrockets. Every single time.

When you phrase it just right, it makes it sound like it's more dangerous to ride a motorcycle with a helmet than without one.

Of course, the reality is that before those laws, those patients were going to the morgue, not the ER.

Reading about Ubuntu's 15th anniversary, I dug up the CD set I got as a gift, on Christmas back in the day. It got me started with Linux and I've been using a distro or another pretty much daily ever since.

I managed to free enough of my time to play through Hatch this evening and I'm glad I did; it scratched my exploration itch and I came out feeling much better.

Sherlock, enjoying the last few days of summer (especially since it's a bit overcast).

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