Hope this ends up being like infosec Twitter used to be a few years ago. Thanks to Elon Musk for giving me the push to give it a try.

I had fun setting up a Rocket.Chat server for AntiPolygraph.org yesterday. I like that it supports end-to-end encrypted private chats, as well as integrated Jitsi Meet calling. In addition, it's handy that mobile and desktop apps are available. You can visit the server (and sign up for an account if you like) here: chat.antipolygraph.org

The Dutch government's decision to block the websites of Russian media outlets RT and Sputnik is wrongheaded and sets a dangerous precedent: nu.nl/tech/6188117/kpn-vodafon

Virtually everyone purporting to is sitting at a safe distance.

“Academia” does not rhyme with “macadamia.”

Those who during a pandemic derisively refer to protective masks as "face diapers" and refuse to wear them must have shit coming out of their mouths.

I am delighted that the U.S. will be withdrawing troops from Afghanistan no later than 11 September this year. This decision is long overdue.

God bless America. Now let's get to work.

I tried to post a link to 's web page on Facebook, and Facebook blocked it, saying it's spam.

I am trying out , an open source, secure messaging app that uses email: delta.chat/en/

If you would also like to try it and need someone to test it with, you can add me as a contact using the attached QR code.

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