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Hi, I'm Andreas, I work as a physicist at the University of Birmingham (UK), with as my main research topic.

I am also a co-director of where we play at making free apps and games to be used for science communication and outreach.

My new office at @_nikhef in Amsterdam already has everything I need.

Almost at the same time, I was for the first time a member of the 'opposition' in a Dutch PhD defence. An interesting experience, yet other traditions, much more formal than in the UK.

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Last week I had the privilege to be involved with the completion of two PhDs.

One of my own students successfully passed his viva. Always an exciting moment for me, even if, or maybe because. supervisors do not do much at this stage.

Congratulations Aaron!
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Passed my PhD viva! 🎉🎉🎉

Just submitted the UK documents for getting the Einstein Telescope on the European roadmap (ESFRI). One of many national submission in advance of sending the final application in May this year.

Cleaning out old hardware: out of curiosity I tried to switch on my oldest MacBook Pro (2006) and it woke up from a sleep that started in 2014. All terminal windows with my last work commands still open and all systems go.

We had a long meeting of the ET steering committee today, very productive but low on oxygen. That's probably why I forget to take a photo of the meeting but here is the view up from the coffee break.

As usual, Christopher makes describing science in a fun way look easy. Essential reading!
Enjoy some weekend reading and catch up@LIGO@twitter.comhe latest @LIGO/@ego_virgo gravitational-wave discovery with my blog explaining the science highlights—is this evidence for a new way of making binary neutron stars?

Thank you for sending these nice photos and updates. It's great to see the next generation of GW scientists (and Finesse users) working together.
The finesse workshop finale group pic @IUCAApune . It was a great workshop and all credits go to the mentors @gwoptics and the student participants who gave their best! I hope we have many more like these on our road towards @LIGOIndia

It can be quite addictive to check the detector status in Chirp.

Now both LIGOs and Virgo locked again.

Amazing how fast compiles Latex now, faster than me clicking through the forms (compiled at first try too, which is another miracle altogether)

David Reitze giving an overview of the international scope (GWIC) in the world of

At the same time, preparing the new issue of the magazine for the crowds...

Now at the Finesse tutorial by, Luis and Michele at the LVC meeting

Discarded empty fuel containers at the LIGO-Virgo meeting in Warsaw.

The material from the workshop is being collected on a Wiki:

(we will still be adding material over the next days and week...)

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Last day of the extremely productive Finesse workshop. Everyone now quite exhausted (but happy). Presenting status and progress...

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