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Hi, I'm Andreas, I work as a physicist at the University of Birmingham (UK), with as my main research topic.

I am also a co-director of where we play at making free apps and games to be used for science communication and outreach.

Last Saturday, in between conferences, we borrowed a whiteboard at EGO for a Einstein Telescope design brainstorming session

The DAWN meetings are anything but boring. Very animated discussion on how to evolve our organizations and collaborations.

At the site for the DAWN meeting. Jo van den Brand about the GW status in Europe.

GWADW day 3: some of us have an ET steering committee meeting during the lunch break.

Day 2 at GWADW, meeting is well attended, almost no free seats

On my way to GWADW on Elba in Italy, and Munich airport seems to be invaded by gravitational wave people.

511 pages?! Now, that is impressive!
Do you find documentation of packages dull and dreary? Do you like bounding boxes? I mean, do you reeeeaally like bounding boxes? Well you'll love tcolorbox (prepare your eyes for a visual feast)

This morning and detected a candidate for a merger of two Neutron stars. Details at:

Sky-maps and more info at:

Exciting because these events could also be seen by optical telescopes. But search area is large...

If you want to get to known your local galactic neighborhood, has a fantastic map at

Walked up a hill yesterday to see the traditional Easter fires burning in the distance

Long time no toot!

#GodotEngine 3.1 is getting close to the release candidate, expect the stable version in coming weeks!

You can test 3.1 beta 4 now and report any bugs you find:

If you're dealing with SVG icons on a daily basis, I highly recommend you grab Gapplin on the Mac App Store.

It's a SVG viewer, but it also adds a QuickLook plugin, meaning you get previews of SVGs in the Finder, and this is *amazing*.

And it's free!

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