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Hi, I'm Andreas, I work as a physicist at the University of Birmingham (UK), with as my main research topic.

I am also a co-director of where we play at making free apps and games to be used for science communication and outreach.

Amazing how fast compiles Latex now, faster than me clicking through the forms (compiled at first try too, which is another miracle altogether)

David Reitze giving an overview of the international scope (GWIC) in the world of

At the same time, preparing the new issue of the magazine for the crowds...

Now at the Finesse tutorial by, Luis and Michele at the LVC meeting

Discarded empty fuel containers at the LIGO-Virgo meeting in Warsaw.

The material from the workshop is being collected on a Wiki:

(we will still be adding material over the next days and week...)

Last day of the extremely productive Finesse workshop. Everyone now quite exhausted (but happy). Presenting status and progress...

Sam Cooper has just passed his viva to become Dr Cooper. Congratulations!

You know him as the person behind the Michelson exhibit in the Thinktank Museum (and the person behind the screen here).

We are in the intense 'it is not quite working' phase of the workshop

First day at the Finesse workshop at Listening to people pitching their proposed tasks to the group.

Key LaTeX packages to get your paper accepted:

With the right research funding these could be available at the time of self-driving cars.

Back at work after early summer vacations. Now hoping that everyone else has taken August off so that I have a chance to catch up with things....

I am now in my 12th hour of telephone conferences for today. That must be my `personal best'.

Whiteboard at , trying to shrink the footprint of the optical layout of the Einstein Telescope

Last Saturday, in between conferences, we borrowed a whiteboard at EGO for a Einstein Telescope design brainstorming session

The DAWN meetings are anything but boring. Very animated discussion on how to evolve our organizations and collaborations.

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