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Some people are simply not worth the effort. Even writing this has given him too much of my time. Thanks to all who passed on this info. Haters gonna hate.

Dolphins suffer in tanks Intelligent beings kept as slaves for YOUR pleasure Boycott dolphinariums

dolphinariums do not provide ~are incapable of offering ~living conditions that reflect dolphin habitat

educational, recreational, and environmental facades are covers for the merciless enslavement

To compensate for increases in environmental noise Dolphins have to shout and repeat often

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In a phone talk with EU's top diplomat Borrell, Chinese FM says:
-China feels the same way when #COVID19 caused heavy casualties in Europe
-China's help to the EU's needs is an act of reciprocation for its kindness & based on the int'l humanitarian spirit

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Famed Japan conservationist and writer CW Nicol has passed away aged 79
This Welshman, who once killed 2 polar bears in self-defense, may save Japan’s forests

World's Loneliest Dolphin Honey Dies In Tank After Failed Rescue Talks. Sad and unnecessary. Sw could have been saved

BBC News - Coronavirus: Putting the spotlight on the global wildlife trade. It needs to stop


Please get this signed and shared!! This is our chance to close these hell holes!!

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