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Dear folks,

I am moving over to - so find me there (same username).

Take care, thanks!

@h3artbl33d @bob @jerry @princessgentoo @saxnot @h @Shufei @hhardy01 @niconiconi I have done something very similar, granting them access to some parts of my exocortex. Whether or not they choose to use that access is a different matter entirely.

I am happy to pay for content - but I want to be sure it goes to the artists/creators/writers, instead of the pockets of labels, managers, marketeers and others desperately holding on to a model that serves no-one except their own pockets.

[Opinion] A part of me wants to embrace piracy - for many reasons, just not because i don't want to pay.

Β° Artists don't get paid what they deserve. Out of every sold album, a really small part goes to the artist - an insane high percentage ends up with the labels/managers.
Β° Netflix / Spotify are crap, content available now might be gone in a few weeks.
Β° DRM is a total privacy invasion.
Β° Etc

Yet, laws prohibit making a personal copy if it means that protections must be circumvented.

But having someone really care about you, on a deep/personal level, does so much good. Hope you all are experiencing that joy - or are going to experience it whenever you are ready for it.

Whoops - phone died prematurely. Anyway:

- When someone really listens, you'll notice. Personal example, switched to Signal, ditched FB/WA. Year later, she did the same bolt move, on her own.
- Follow up questions can be a good indictator. Told her about people I interact with. When I name Roman, she knows I am talking about Roman Zolotarev - "the great OpenBSD documenter".
- Even started stitching a Pluffy (pluche Puffy).

Ofcourse, it is key that these small investments come from both sides.

The last weeks, I have come to the conclusion that having a partner that really respects you - for the erson you are, makes a difference so big that words can hardly describe.

We don't agree on everything and both value the freedom to do our own things - instead of doing literally everything together.

Respect is also about listening. How much effect that can have, became clear:

@h3artbl33d Until recently, it was Debian, but since the addition of systemd, it would be either the Debian-without-systemd "Devuan", or possibly slackware. I want a conservative cadence that doesn't break things, not a bleeding-edge distro.

@h3artbl33d First of all I hate the mentality behind systemd (which is probably also against everything that Unix stands for, i.e. small programs that can be combined instead of one big one). Second, I get to chose what features I want of any given software I install from the repos. The USE-flags let me pick compile-options and I can have a global filter (e.g. for systemd). Finally, since I compile it all myself, it's optimized for my system/CPU and therefore faster and safer (no known binary).

Delighted to announce, after 9 days, server#2 is running 25 VMs! Thank you all for your interest and support!


A friend recently installed #OpenBSD on his older laptop which had been a Linux box.

He started asking questions and I pointed him several times to the documentation. When it came
to VMM he asked for the configuration file format and the convo went:

Me: β€œwell, /etc/example, of course but man vm.conf is even better”
Friend: β€œI’m sorry, I am so used to man pages being useless in Linux that I no longer have the reflex.”

BSD documentation, and #OpenBSD in particular, is why BSD is better.

Β° "Cyber terrorists" - oh come on!

This shows one more reason to do due diligence and not choose the first backyard hoster you stumble upon. If in need of a hoster, ask questions on how security is being handled, if they have emergency plans should serious issues arrise

Β° While the sysop was busy mitigating the DDoS, the breach happened - and got noticed too late. This shouldn't be possible in the first place.
Β° Once noticed, they pulled the server offline and draw the conclusion that it wasn't an attack for ransom because there was no noticed -- they've pulled the server offline, thus jumping to conclusions.
Β° Swiss servers that are like Swiss bank accounts? WTF. Bullet-proof hosters aren't located in Switzerland AFAIK.

As I interpret it, they have no decent backup strategy, no properly configured monitoring and lack decent effort on security.

Β° A proper backup strategy contains offsite backups that aren't reachable from the onsite infrastructure.
Β° How come the 'super fast' encryption of a big chunk of data didn't set off any alarms?
Β° They've lost customer contact information - WTF.

Australian hosting provider Cyanweb got hacked. The notice Cyanweb pushed out is completely wrong, shows a complete lack of competency and a disturbing insight in how bad it's setup:

Very interesting advice from a #Debian developer about #GitHub and #GitLab

If you don't want to use, here are two alternative instances for #FreeSoftware projects:

The Debian Gitlab instance is available for every FOSS project and not only for Debian-related ones. As long as the project respects the Debian Free Software Guidelines, you can use the instance

Riseup maintains a Gitlab instance for radical projects named 0xacab.

The CopperheadOS Twitter account was moved to danielmicay (personal title, due to trademark stuff).

He is strncat on Reddit, the_stinger on other channels. All the best to him!

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