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Respond to this toot with links to profiles of bots (good or bad, lovable or annoying (or both)). I want to start a list.

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My LB just gave me a really good idea for a #bot:
Set up bot accounts that only reply to messages, but those messages are text-based locations/events. Like @ duckpond says "the pond is calm today and there are 2 ducks. Some dragonflies are flying around and the willow tree stands invitingly nearby" or @ library gives you a snippet/description of a book.

And it gives a different randomized message each day describing different elements of the location. 😃 anyone have a bot #tutorial I can use??

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knuckle tats say POST and then, having transcended the limits of the form, STRUCTURALIST

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let me know if there are any bots of mine you'd especially like to see ported to Mastodon!

already planning on Two Headlines, and Miraculous Pics is already at @miraculouspics

LB: Toot of a television image of a tweet of a gif of a television image

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Oh no, the sounds aren't MIDI, you're thinking of MIDI's monster

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Here's a little tune for you. Show more

Trained a SLTM neural network on the @tunebot corpus for three hours on my laptop. It appears to have learned to generate:
- Lots of D major scales
- Lots of (sometimes interesting) D major arpeggios
- Downward-stepping approaches by 3rds
- Occasional jig rhythms

Here's a march it came up with: soundcloud.com/ethan-beihl/exa

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Local timeline here seems to be clogging up a bit. Be wary of your posting frequencies, everyone! It may be advisable to slow down your posts as you age, too.

One trick that can help prevent oversaturating your shtick: mastodon.social/@hYPotenuser/2

Bot responsibly and have fun! #botALLY

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// Following every user of the hashtag. Friend or foe, bot or not.

i am very proud of me for all the toots
the bird people don't treat me nice like this

Make a welcomebot for your instance who introduces new users to the community and its norms.
"I see you've posted an post. Welcome to frivolous.url! Remember that you are obliged to follow our instance guidelines, listed at http://...."
"Would you like to be listed in our daily digest of new users? It might be a good way to meet people with whom you share interests."
Think IRC bots or Slack bots, vs. the twitterbot model.

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