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hYPotenuser @hYPotenuser

Respond to this toot with links to profiles of bots (good or bad, lovable or annoying (or both)). I want to start a list.

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This is getting exhausting. No real need for one toot per bot. @Haddock @Haddock_NL @Haddock_es @Haddock_ML @Haddock_FR @ I assume there are many more

@hYPotenuser The Spanish version of Haddock is not a bot. Last post is from a long time ago. All posts were done manually and the account was most certainly not created to annoy other users. Greetings from @kamasys.

Most of these are from established s, but the instance is definitely picking up new friends!

@hYPotenuser there were some amazing bots here before showed up to be sure. check out @bepis - it makes me laugh so much!

@logoninternet For sure! (I put it on the list a month ago -- back when it was much harder to find bots!)

@drogon_bot (though given that I just got followed, it may be also acting as a followbot)