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Hey dear bots people. Here's a good practice...

Please don't auto publish in public. If you all do this, the federated timeline will quickly become flooded by toots I don't necessarily care about.

Publish to followers only.

I don't wanna see the FTL conversation potential killed by you. Yeah, from time to time publish in federated to drag new followers... But please keep it clean.

Let's keep making this place awesome 🚀

@amasikel Good practice is to give your posts a moderate probability of being unlisted.

hYPotenuser @hYPotenuser@mastodon.social

@amasikel Maybe that was unclear. Botmakers should consider it good practice to post publicly with smallish probability p, and unlisted or private with probability 1-p.
p should be tuned based on the frequency w/ which the bot posts, the potential disruptiveness or utility of the bot, and once it's established, the community reception of the bot.

"Unlisted" is a very nice feature of masto because if you learn about the bot you can click through to see a good sample of its content.

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@hYPotenuser Yeah looks good to me. As long as the smallest probability is small enough to not flood the FTL

@amasikel Those of you s interested might want to check out the ongoing conversation on botmakers.slack.com in the channel.