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I don't recall where I got the link for this podcast but I finally got around to listening to it and want to re-share it.

As an old, white, cis male there is so much that I am utterly ignorant of. I'm shocked but not surprised that this is happening but utterly flabbergasted that the people involved seem to get away with it (caveat: we hear from only one side of the story since the others refused to comment). Why on earth is the company not taking action?


Zoë Keating has s new album out.

I really enjoy her music, a welcome departure from the stuff you generally inundated with the days.


Another promising entry into the mobile phone OS market?
It took the world by storm on the desktop so why not mobile devices?


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First world problems: There is unicode character for martinis (🍸) but no modifier to qualify if it is stirred or shaken.

Chaos Radio podcast CR 246: Die Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte —
Besseres Recht durch bessere Klagen


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Habt ihr gehört, gekauft hat?

Probiert mal, ein Repository zu klonen:

A new issue of the Protocol Journal is out.

In This Issue:
- From the Editor
- Considerations in Network - Complexity
- IPv6 Fragmentation
- Letters to the Editor
- Thank You
- Call for Papers
- Supporters and Sponsors


"Vi estas bonvena je sabato la 16a de junio ekde la 10a horo por kune festi. Venu multnombre al ĉi tiu festo kiu ankaŭ bonvenigos ĉiujn homojn de la ĉirkaŭaĵo, por ke ili konatiĝu diversmaniere kun Esperanto: per enkondukoj al Esperanto, muziko, dancado, budoj, kaj multaj aliaj aferoj. Dum la festo Kajto kvarope koncertos. Ne maltrafu la okazon de unu el iliaj lastaj koncertoj kune!​"

Estas iom tro for por mi, sed eble iu el vi povas ĉeesti kaj kunfesti?

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Ok, the backroom of functional café is open, if you wanna chit chat join #functionalcafe:matrix.org on #matrix


Ha ha! Ingenious! Computer algorithms shown in the style of a famous Swedish furniture vendor's flatpack assembly instructions.


DSGVO: Alles zur EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung – Rechtsbelehrung Folge 54 (Jura-Podcast)" 🎧 mit Buchverlosung 📚


(via the bird site - unlinked)