The new issue of the Internet Protocol Journal #22.1 is out :

In this issue:
⋅ From the Editor
⋅ A Quick Look at QUIC
⋅ Missing Checksums
⋅ Fragments
⋅ Thank You
⋅ Letters to the Editor
⋅ Supporters and Sponsors

mastodon.el fixes have made their way into develop and will hit master soon!

Ich habe eine Einhorn-Hüpfburg für jesidische Waisenkinder in gekauft (+ Ausrüstung für 3 Fussballmannschaften). Ich bin im März vor Ort, wenn sie ans Ourbridge Waisenhaus geliefert wird. Jetzt muss ich das Dingen bezahlen. Wer will helfen?

I swear I didn't invent this: "DNSFS. Store your files in others DNS resolver caches"

Ich würde gern die fancy PodcasterInnen wie Methodisch Inkorrekt und Tim und einfach alle viel mehr hier sehen und nicht nur Twitter-Crossposts.

GFF und Partner erheben Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen das Polizeigesetz Baden-Württemberg

Holy cow. I've done it.

My PR for updating SPLIT-SEQUENCE to version 2.0.0:

This was the best Lisp marathon I have ever run. A full day of coding, resulting in this thing.

#CommonLisp #Lisp


I never imagined that I would ever be refactoring, extending and fixing the famous SPLIT-SEQUENCE system. <- that's my WIP fork. I'm optimizing some things and fixing the bug where SPLIT-SEQUENCE has quadratic complexity on lists.

#Lisp #CommonLisp

So, I've imported ~25Gb of music from the Free Music Archive on using this method.

It worked beautifully, and it's now available for the whole #Funkwhale federation. Follow this library from your Funkwhale instance and you'll have access to it:

You can also visit directly to listen to all this new content! (you don't need an account ;)

RT Koalitionsverhandlungen in #Bayern. Ich hab mal die Frauen aus den Verhandlungsteams rot markiert.

#CSU #Söder #Freiewähler


Humble bundle are currently doing a "Learn you some code" pack.

I'm willing to sponsor one pack for someone who can't afford this but would find it useful (no explanations it proofs needed, I'll assume you are honest). Just respond with your email address where to send the gift code to - should there be more than one request I'll do a random draw.

The new issue of the Internet Protocol Journal is out.

In this Issue:
⋅ From the Editor
⋅ Another 10 Years
⋅ Fileless Malware
⋅ Fragments
⋅ Thank You
⋅ Call for Papers
⋅ Supporters and Sponsors

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