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This must be close to being peak-hipster: a kickstarter campaign for a $300 tea maker.


TIL: There is a package for to directly access files in containers.


Very interesting episode of the SE Radio .
A lot of waxing about but with no mention of the licensing debate. Is that only a topic in my own filter bubble or does the podcast predate it?


From the "not technically wrong" department of wrong answers:


Found over on the bird site:

"Awesome repo/styleguide for newbies like me t.co/TTrquQjRwb The kind of resource I was searching (resources, examples...) 🙏


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This just floated past in my internet for bubble: utils to process web content; will have to give it a try.

"This file contains library functions and commands useful for retrieving web page content and processing it into Org-mode content.

For example, you can copy a URL to the clipboard or kill-ring, then run a command that downloads the page, isolates the “readable” content with eww-readable, converts it to Org-mode content with ...

The new issue of the Internet Protocol Journal is out: ipj.dreamhosters.com/wp-conten

Volume 20, Number 2, June 2017
In This Issue:
⋅ From the Editor
⋅ Automatic Certificate Management
⋅ The Root of the DNS
⋅ Fragments
⋅ Thank You
⋅ Call for Papers
⋅ Supporters and Sponsors

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Dear Mastodonians: in case you missed it, Matrix has hit a major bump in funding and we're asking for folks to support us via Patreon/Liberapay. If you believe in a world of decentralised real-time messaging/VoIP/VR/etc, then now would be an *amazing* time to help out!!


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@Gargron @gaditb I don’t think we should shorten it at all (or only do so if the account is on the same instance as the person viewing it – that would be helpful in differentiating local accounts immediately). The full address is a cornerstone of what makes Mastodon unique (its federated nature) – we should be making that visible.

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