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Features in the upcoming release of mastodon.el are game changers.

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@johnson @h_d Managed to get three federated streams running concurrently in mastodon.el connected to three hosts. All we need now is the fold them into a single buffer.



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The latest issue of c't (German computer magazine) has a four page article by yours truly about Mastodon. Thanks to @Gargron, @cwebber, Evan Prodromou, @angristan and everyone else who spoke to me in the last few weeks. We ended up scoping this one pretty tightly around Mastodon from an end user perspective, with a short blurb about the fediverse.

The online version is paywalled, but you can at least see a pretty Mastodon graphic:


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streams mostly debugged in .

Next step is to get the amazing async image loader, implemented by @h_d , working with streams.

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Guten Morgen, das Urteil der ersten Instanz wegen wir-sind-afd.de ist da — das LG Köln hat zugunsten der AfD entschieden. Das hat zur Folge, dass ich jetzt alles in allem rund 9400€ an Anwalts- und Gerichtskosten für die erste Instanz aufbringen muss. Eine gute Freundin hat einen digitalen Topf hingestellt, in den ihr Geld werfen könnt, wenn ihr mich unterstützen wollt und könnt. Ihr findet ihn unter leetchi.com/c/hilfe-fuer-zeits. Ich bin euch unendlich dankbar für jeden Cent und jeden Retoot.

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Da die Sparkasse spontan Kontoführungsgebühren erhoben hat (30 Cent je Vorgang, 1€ je Dauerauftrag, lol), gucke ich wohl nach ner neuen Bank.

So aus Prinzip wäre vielleicht eine genossenschaftliche Bank gut (BBBank und Sparda fielen mir ins Auge), aber ich bin auch sonst für Empfehlungen offen. Soll halt gut funktionieren (gutes Online Banking, genug Möglichkeit, Bargeld abzuheben), und ethisch mindestens erträglich sein.

Empfehlungen und boosts gerne :)

😲 So the wants to have enabled for online gaming? We have native , why would they want that? 🤔

Yay! is going back to X11 vor the next release.
17.10 with was a pain to use with Chrome remote desktop.


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a tiny ARM microprocessor with two buttons and two LEDs that fits in your USB port.


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you might find jupiler.retrolandia.net/ of interest - this is a Javascript version of the Jupiter Ace with a bunch of Forth codes ready to run

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Our twins are four months old today, and holidays are approaching, and I thought it would be a good idea to give a little something to someone who could use it. This coming Sunday, I'll buy the "Be a Coder" bundle (humblebundle.com/books/be-a-co) to someone who needs, and wants it.

If you'd like to have it, or know someone who would, and you (or them) can't buy it, contact me. Either via DM, or e-mail at be-a-coder@gergo.csillger.hu.

Boosting this toot for better coverage is most appreciated!

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Oooh. The new Humble Book Bundle (humblebundle.com/books/be-a-co) includes 「Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!」 An awesome book, the $1 tier is well worth it just for this. Then 「Land of Lisp」, 「Realm of Racket」 and 「Clojure for the Brave and True」 in the $8 tier? This is some sweet deal.

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So #Patreon is backing down, and they're not going to roll out the fees change. I'm not going to trust them after this fiasco, so I'm staying on #Liberapay instead. They are much more in line with my values anyway.

Trust is hard to build, very easy to loose. Patreon lost mine. It would take much more than not rolling out the changes to win me back.

The latest issue of the Internet Protocol Journal is out!

In This Issue:
⋅ From the Editor
⋅ A Blockchain Tutorial
⋅ In Defence of NATs
⋅ Fragments
⋅ Thank You
⋅ Call for Papers
⋅ Supporters and Sponsors