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So #Patreon is backing down, and they're not going to roll out the fees change. I'm not going to trust them after this fiasco, so I'm staying on #Liberapay instead. They are much more in line with my values anyway.

Trust is hard to build, very easy to loose. Patreon lost mine. It would take much more than not rolling out the changes to win me back.

The latest issue of the Internet Protocol Journal is out!

In This Issue:
⋅ From the Editor
⋅ A Blockchain Tutorial
⋅ In Defence of NATs
⋅ Fragments
⋅ Thank You
⋅ Call for Papers
⋅ Supporters and Sponsors


OK, all pledges have been cancelled. 😢

Now I need to research which of these creators have channels that are more friendly to small payments. So far I know of only liberapay.com/Mastodon/

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@h_d @cwebber I'm currently working on improving the text edit field in McCLIM to make it more useful for entering Mastodon posts. Right now it doesn't handle wrapping very well, making it really difficult to use.

TIL: contrary to the big brouhaha a while ago you *can* still buy DRM-free ebooks from O'Reilly. I don't think they went out of their way to let you know. At least I didn't know until tonight.


This must be close to being peak-hipster: a kickstarter campaign for a $300 tea maker.


TIL: There is a package for to directly access files in containers.


Very interesting episode of the SE Radio .
A lot of waxing about but with no mention of the licensing debate. Is that only a topic in my own filter bubble or does the podcast predate it?


From the "not technically wrong" department of wrong answers:


Found over on the bird site:

"Awesome repo/styleguide for newbies like me t.co/TTrquQjRwb The kind of resource I was searching (resources, examples...) 🙏


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