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In china if you post bad on Weibo president Xi comes to your house and takes away your phone

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@marie_joseph And many likely also have a limited amount of data available per month, in which case these modern massive websites are also terrible

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Write your website like your user has a 300KB/s connection because millions of us do

West Bengal citizens will vote in eight phases? Is it an election or an IPL tournament?

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Dutch were the first to discover the island which is now popularly known as 'New York'. The Dutch gave the native Red Americans stuffs worth $24 so now hence been have legally brought the Long Island under Dutch law they expelled or killed red natives and named the new colony as 'New Amsterdam' giving it's region the Dutch names of Bronx, Brooklyn, etc. Soon British snatched the region from the Dutch and renamed the city as New York.

That feeling when you realise it's Friday, which means the new episode of Young Sheldon must be out.

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@h_tejas Yeah, happens to me too. :) This is kind of why I had to start "Ajob Playlist": ajobplaylist.gitlab.io/player.

There are a lot of songs from various countries. Some are in English but many are from other languages which I don't understand, but still enjoy. I guess this proves what good composition/music production can do.

* It still relies on YouTube. I couldn't make it work otherwise. The project is FOSS: gitlab.com/ajobplaylist/ajobpl

I don't understand a word of it but I am listening to this song on loop youtu.be/qZxWRuKGn2U

Proofing this EPW editorial on government selling the country to the private sector and getting a nightmare wide awake.

In our fortnightly reading we are watching One Night in Miami. Do join us if you can.

Why did Kafila people not renew their domain? Why was the archive destroyed?

Nestle's noodles give me terrible acidity. Should stop eating altogether.

It is quite alright for journalists to interview criminals as far as the questions aren't dictated by the interviewee.

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Wrote an #article about #gemini. Tried to keep it as #beginner friendly as possible.

What's All The Hype About Gemini And How To Get On Board
➡️ socialhome.network/content/877

Also has a look into the #Lagrange #browser.

#basics #foss #protocol

Why are all the girls named Nithya creepy and adorable at the same time?

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btw in case you didn't hear the US reached 500k deaths from Covid

more deaths in a year than all US deaths in both world wars

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