Going private for a while because I don't have energy or time to deal with Brahmin and caste supremacist trolls.

I wrote about the uncalled-for controversy around @Sai_Pallavi92@twitter.com's comments in a recent interview about Kashmiri Pandits and cow vigilantism thequint.com/entertainment/sou

Pride and Prejudice is by far the most popular (not surprising)

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I have written an op-ed on Sai Pallavi. Hope she reads it.

Which is your favourite Jane Austen novel?

Do tell me your age in terms of vada pao price. What is the lowest price at which you have had vada pao in your memory. In my case it was one and half rupees.

Even though from a distance, I saw @Sai_Pallavi92@twitter.com today.

Great that right wingers are seeing themselves out from Sai Pallavi's fanbase

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Hate that news publications have to give sensational headlines but here's the full clip of Sai Pallavi's answer youtu.be/qrdR5fA0l_0

शूद्रवंशी जन्मलों । ह्मणोनि दंभें मोकलिलों ॥ १ ॥ ॥ ध्रु. ॥
अरे तूं चि माझा आतां । मायबाप पंढरीनाथा ॥
घोकाया अक्षर । मज नाहीं अधिकार ॥२॥
सर्वभावें दीन । तुका ह्मणे यातिहीन ॥ ३ ॥

मुखे सांगे ब्रम्ह ज्ञान । जन लोकांची कापितो मान ॥१॥
ज्ञान सागतो जनासी । नाहीं अनुभव आपणासी ॥ध्रु॥
कथा करितो देवाची । अंतरी आशा बहु लोभाची ॥२॥
तुका म्हणे तो चि वेडा । त्याचे हाणूनि थोबाड फोडा ॥३॥

सोयराबाईंचा मृत्यू नेमका कसा झाला? याबद्दल इतिहासात काय पुरावे आहेत? youtu.be/HLBv00SlHbo

Am always for historians intervening in public debates

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"The society says that women are goddesses, but in reality, women are attacked every day. I wanted to bring out the irony ... Is that wrong?" Report by @ButaniAshna@twitter.com thequint.com/news/education/ms

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi allegedly pressured President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to award a power project to the Adani Group" indianexpress.com/article/indi

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