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mastodon feature request re: follow requests 

tell me whether I already sent a follow request that was denied

I'm never sure if my follow request got denied, or I misremembered whether I sent one at all

I am ready for the chess discourse. Attack me with your Sicilian Defence.

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I wish there was alcohol in the fridge. I could really do with some right now.

Thinking of building a website for my portfolio

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Sorry to be posting another one of these but rent is about to be due and I still haven't found work, and I'm extremely behind. I was able to pay last month's rent (very late but it happened) thanks to you guys and my family, and I'm very grateful. I understand we're all having hard times, but anything helps.


Venmo: @steviemcfly

Cash App: $steviexmcfly

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Someone I know wants to try out Mastodon, but he doesn't know English. Is there:

A) A way to look for users speaking a particular language?

B) A Polish instance that's well moderated (no bigotry allowed on there)?

Please boost, even if you don't know 😓

#mastodon #help

Narendra Modi should read Roman history and check what fate most of the emperors faced. That might prevent him from behaving like an emperor.

Oh you like Narendra Modi? Name his three lies.

Bhakts: LOL three? Here are 30.

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inventing a new kind of guy who says monarchy is good because it will lead to a socialist revolution because that's what happened in tsarist russia

Who are some of the solid scholars on Vaishnavism? Apart from Suvira Jaiswal..

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not valid to wake up with the same headache you went to bed with. either it should be gone or i should get a new headache

Does anybody know of a book on Yadava's of Devgiri?

कोळंबीची 🦐 भाजी छान बनलेली. खाऊन मन तृप्त झालं.

Today is the 130th death anniversary of Jotirao Phule, the revolutionary social reformer of the 19th century who fought against Brahminism all his life.

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Can't take this chess discourse anymore. Need to watch Queen's Gambit.

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Imagine if we unfucked "art collecting", culturally. Imagine everyone would have a little collection of pieces by friends and family and artists they adore or connected with in their house instead of what "art collecting" means under capitalism. Wouldn't that be beautiful

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wild that you can just post about whatever you like on this website. even stuff like "open source software" and "operating systems"

I invented a new word today that I am mildly proud of—boobshelf. You know like bookshelf?

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