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@h_tejas tricked is being generous to me :D more like, "when Persis thought that colourful soap was candy/yes she is a phd candidate"

Little FYI;

I am NOT earning ANYTHING from 😉 In fact it's the opposite, Every week I work about 40-50 hours for a company so I can earn money and pay for the servers, domain, media storage and email services and don't get me wrong. I'm VERY happy to do that ❤️ and I will NOT stop doing that for a long time!

We do get donations and that's a BIG help! But still I need to pay much from my own pocket so keep that in mind. We are not a company, we are not Twitter, we drive on #love! ❤️

"शिवसेनेबरोबर सरकार करायचं झालं तर कोणते मुद्दे समोर ठेवावे लागतील याची दोन्ही काँग्रेस चर्चा करत आहेत तर दुसरीकडे शिवसेनेचे खासदार संजय राऊत आपली मुख्यमंत्रिपदाची मागणी कायम ठेवून आहेत."

Let's tributes to legendary tribal & revolutionary freedom fighter on his birth anniversary, his life was a journey of indomitable courage, dedication & service to motherland, only tribal leader marked presence in parliament house.

Google News app now shows me news both in English and Marathi in its feed. As a bilingual reader, I am really happy about this change.

There are so many ways mental health manifests itself that I can hardly list them all- depression (which can mean chronic hopelessness, tiredness, unable to work or socialise, withdrawing from family and friends) and has many forms where a person seems to be doing all of these things, but is struggling called high function depression. Then there's anxiety and panic attacks. Both are related to unavoidable often seemingly un-rational fears that a person cannot control.

Announcing our next Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice course - Jan 2020 in Bombay - open to mental health practitioners - Read more at: #mentalhealth #QACP #lgbtqia #QueerAffirmative

A recent study on Indian Universities published in 2015 showed that about 53.3 percent student from the group studied suffered from depression with about 13% from severe depression. That's a probability that every 1 of 2 people in academia suffers from depression!

#mastodon isn’t just a website, it is a federation.

There are thousands, of small communities that live within the Mastodon system.

Each one is independent and unique, but they can all talk to one another.

These communities are called "INSTANCES".

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