There is also a clear case of discrimination in the new vaccine policy, given that the burden of deregulation is disproportionately borne by state governments.

India ordered Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to block about 100 social media posts criticizing its handling of the exploding Covid-19 surge

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More than a free vaccine, a welfare state would go ahead and pay people below poverty line for getting vaccinated.

Get vaccinated and get Rs. 500/- from PM Cares. The more people get vaccinated the better. Win win for everyone.

The second wave of the pandemic is finally hitting close to him. An uncle who was close to family and whose farm is behind our house died last night. He had come to see me when I had gone to my village recently.

Chickpea, cowpea, pigeon pea? How high was this person who named these pulses?

I curse the stuff I read in my childhood that said don't run after money, money is not important and I curse myself for believing it. I wish I had run after money so that I wouldn't be so broke right now.

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Citing a long list of scholars shows that you are well read but it doesn't necessarily mean that you have something worthwhile to say.

If we go Dutch, you can still touch, my love, it's free!!!!

Best wishes to you all on Jotirao Phule birth anniversary

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can't wait to get home and piss the crap out of my nuts

I wish there were doctors in my family.

मी कशाच्या शोधात आहे, मला काय हवंय कळत नाही.

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कधीकधी असं वाटतं की मनात जी एक पोकळी आहे ती कधीच, कशानेच भरून निघणार नाही.

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