I hope this moment is the death of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other corporate-owned social media platforms.

@h_tejas Hopefully. We've gotta work on this, once enough people are on board. But it's high time we take back our power from them and support ethical Social media.

What shall we do about corporate - owned mass media platforms?

Who have threatened & undermined democracy insidiously like no other entity ever has?

Is this a precursor?

@majchowdhury Independent publishers have always existed in media's history. We need to patronize them and help them reach more people.

@h_tejas How will the revenue model work?

How do they sustain themselves without compromising their profession & their ideals?

@majchowdhury Well, some rely on subscriptions, some on a philanthropist, some have a successful ad+subscriptions+events models. News media is a vast universe.


Not viable; if values have to be maintained.

All these aren't fail-safe; as our tech friends would call it.

We need to think deeper.

@majchowdhury Of course. But we also need to remember that there is no one solution for this issue. We need to hedge our bets on multiple models.

@h_tejas Hedge our bets?

Or come up with an open sourced revenue model which is fair across the board?

A model initiated and spawned by conscientious journalists who have a stake in value systems. Who understand that it isn't about their livelihood alone but affects millions of marginalised.

There may be faults..but let not those faults be by design.

A better world!

@h_tejas I suppose eventually this portal will run similar risks... maybe more volunteer mods are the answer?

@Perptualstudent Yes. Some of us with technical skills and resources should set up our own servers.

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