I hope people similarly leave Facebook and Instagram and join open-source alternatives. All corporate-owned social media platforms need to die.

@h_tejas I am at the fag end of my FB usage. Have been deactivating it for some time, except when there's some announcement to make. In another 3-4 month, will completely delete the FB account.

@shankasur I also have considerably reduced my Facebook usage. Thinking of deleting it altogether.

@h_tejas @shankasur I've not used my fb either for like 2 years now. I reactivated it some 4 months back for god knows what. I wish though there was an alternative for insta, that's my bane 😭

@bludeehmary @h_tejas I had deleted FB in 2014 as I was worried about my diminishing attention span. but had to rejoin when I moved to Delhi to keep a tab on happenings in Goa.

@shankasur @h_tejas same, I deleted twice and I returned because I had to use it. I have completely weaned off FB though.

@bludeehmary @h_tejas ha. I started by mass unfollowing so the feed became much quieter and cleaner. These days, I look up birthday notifications to unfollow newly added people. I realised i wasn't missing much.

@bludeehmary @shankasur There actually is. I forgot what's it called but it's somewhere on my TL. And great thing is, one can follow your open-source insta from Mastodon too apparently.

@h_tejas Only thing missing from this paltform ( &other instances of MSTDN) is community-led policy making on rules and how to enforce them. That's key for keeping this from becoming another hellsite

@h_tejas is there any good alternative to insta? Deactivated Facebook about 2 years back and never going back there.

@h_tejas i love this energy the people from India are bringing to the fediverse.

Look at as a replacement to #WhatsApp. It is decentralized similar to #Mastodon but suited for private conversations and groups with end to end encryption for assured #privacy It is powered by #Matrix protocol and two instances are manged by Indians and

@praveen @h_tejas How about Signal messenger app. Even Snowden uses it I guess.

@amarsharma @praveen @h_tejas

Hello. Please have a look at XMPP is a free protocol.

There a fee clients for android, linux, windows, (ios).

You can find a list of provider here:

You can find a client called conversations on play store or f-droid. There is also a fork called pix-art messenger.

You can chose your provider, server, client yourself.



I know about xmpp, I was using it as my primary private communication medium before #matrix came. I don't have anything against xmpp, but matrix is more polished and batteries included approach. I do have conversation installed as well, but most of my contacts are in matrix. Philosophically both xmpp and matrix is on equal level but in practice matrix is a better implementation.

@amarsharma @h_tejas


It is also centralized by design, definitely better than #WhatsApp and #Telegram since it is #FreeSoftware. You still have to depend on a single entity, so easy to block and we never know what happens when leadership changes. You cannot run a #Signal instance yourself if you want to interoperate with users of official Signal server. With #Matrix anyone can run a server, just like #mastodon and we already run 2 such servers


@amarsharma @praveen @h_tejas its centralised and uses your phone number. Absolute disaster. Snowden has a different threat model.


Chaps use prosody server with conversations as your client on android for whatsapp replacement... works a treat.

@amarsharma @praveen @h_tejas

Hi Akash.. was trying to test if I can reach you on conversations and received this error...

"Messages from strangers are rejected"

Would you mind adding me as a contact using my XMPP id:

@techbolt hey sorry I was using Bruno the jabber bear earlier and removed it along with many other apps after my tab started lagging, since I was in no active convo. Gimme 5, see you there :)

I got ur message and hopefully u got two from me... one unencrypted and one omemo encrypted... just checking

@akash @techbolt But at the end of the day you are free to use whatever suits your need, just my 2 cents.

@null0x0 @techbolt Yep and I end up using all three lol. IRC cause it's so retro, light and risky, just love it.

@akash @amarsharma @praveen @h_tejas
Centralized is not always bad its run by a Not for profit organization its good for what it is i.e. WhatsApp without Facebook. Riot is good for Team chats i.e. Discord alternative. For best privacy/security jabber is the way to go with omemo encryption.
Signal is very easy to use and intuitive that cant be said for Jabber as you need to be tech literate.

@null0x0 @akash @amarsharma @praveen @h_tejas

Signal is good but the developer is way over his head... shoots down anyone not agreeing to his views and forks aren't allowed to use open sync so that kind of defeats the purpose... I think camp protocol is not that difficult and conversation developer also offers a solution for users not interested in running their own server.

@techbolt @amarsharma @h_tejas @akash @praveen
Yeah I do see that they are against having the app on FDroid too.
You mean running prosody server?

People can create unlisted tor nodes, there is no single point of failure.

@akash @amarsharma @h_tejas

@praveen @akash @amarsharma @h_tejas tor traffic can be traced and blocked at isp level. Everything has an upside/downside. I agree with you on tors resilience to blockades.

I think there is even http tunnels for tor, but never used, may be @kushal can clarify.

@akash @amarsharma @h_tejas

@praveen @null0x0 @akash @amarsharma @h_tejas there are ways to hide Tor traffic and use it even when govt is trying to block. That is how China and Iran gets Tor.

@praveen @null0x0 @akash @amarsharma @h_tejas you can make your Tor traffic look like https or smtp, goto configuration dialog and say Tor is blocked in your country.

@null0x0 @kushal it's easy to access tor here. Places like the gulf there are blocks on website, so getting a legit copy itself is hard

@bull500 @null0x0 you can download from github EFF and even via email (you will get link)

@kushal @null0x0 website are easy to block. UAE has extremely advanced systems in place. Updated Torrents/magnets would be the ultimate solution for now for mass distribution. Else get a friend in another country to upload to a drive.

@kushal @null0x0 if there's better tech than that they'll have it. They've blocked skype, WhatsApp calls and at times VPN as well. Iirc there are fines if you get caught for using voip over vpn.

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