Even if we agree that Babri mosque was built after demolishing a temple, how far back in history do we go? Do we check if the earlier temple was built after demolishing a stupa? Or someone's house?

This is a property dispute, not historical investigation into the first structure that was ever built at the site.

@h_tejas and if we really want to go that back, fir toh it should've been 'jungle wahin banaenge'. It might actually do us some good also

@h_tejas If religious scriptures and stories are bound to decide the ownership of land, Acc to the Abrahamic religions, Adam AS was the first person on this world, and techincally he is the father owner of every inch of this planet.

Thank God this planet was not under dispute in court or else the whole land wud hv been distributed among Muslims, Christians and Jews. Rest all would hv paid rent to live. Crazy even to think about it 😂

@h_tejas and not just that, if it was a property dispute, then they should've gone to courts and got an order to take down the mosque. This is also about them being able to willy-nilly demolish the place of worship of another community and brazenly demand to build their own in its place.

@aamil4u The property dispute was already in court before the mosque was demolished in 1992. I believe the demolition of mosque is a separate case?

@h_tejas yes it's a different case. However, consider what several people have said - would the SC have given the land over for construction of a temple? Would the dispute have been settled in this way? Is it not then establishing precedent for disenfranchisement of a community by way of raising land disputes?

@h_tejas The worst part of this whole thing is there was not really 2much of an issue before 91/92. It wasn't this rabid. Even worse, when the wakf board that owns the land suggested that an all-faiths hospital or school be set up at the spot, who do you think bayed nay! I remember even the SC urging that a common ground be accepted but No! Leave the Muslims aside, sane thinking Hindus are scared today

I was doing my Masters in Allahabad when the 92 BM issue flared up. I remember curfew being announced, the courtesy call that Dad recd 4m the SSP -Dad was dumbfounded, the rest of the family stunned into silence. Then the news 4m Lucknow: Dad's cousin's car had been fired on while entering his house; they lived on the Lucknow-Faizabad Rd. Shots were fired not by the police, 4m inside the mob, 4tunately neither he nor driver injured. But... the break with sanity had started... /@h_tejas

@h_tejas only right to all land needs to go back to trees and rivers and lakes ...

@h_tejas : I just warned some GobarBhakts that I was going to demolish their Homes as My Ancestor was King Ashoka & all these lands belonged to his realm...also because my Families had been PooPing on these lands for Decades-as per Judgement of ownership is VIRTUAL Not Absolute

@h_tejas I still don't get it. The masjid was built at a time when capturing and demolishing religious structures was the way of the land. How then is the dispute even valid? Even if the ASI had confirmed the existence of a temple before the mosque came up. Are we to believe the SC is still waging a war with Babur in 2019?

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