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alright, pencils down.

the question was "which way does my dick curve?"

and, if you spent any time with the study guide you would know the answer is "toward justice."

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"Ask gaps have many culprits, but key among them is the devaluation of women relative to men, and employees of colour relative to whites." bbc.com/worklife/article/20210

If every English news publication in the country goes behind paywall, who will be India's @guardian@twitter.com (aka always free)?

@RateUnrate Haha true. The weather here in Hyderabad is perfect for a lazy afternoon.

Is TV series/show a dated term in the era of Netflix?

Why do we have to work? I wish I could watch a TV series right now.

In a non-bailable offence, bail is not a matter of right. But that doesn't mean the courts can't grant the bail at all. Considering the flimsy grounds on which the cases are being filed under UAPA and Section 124A, courts should be more liberal in granting bail.

अजितदादा X देवेंद्रभाऊ

One thing that scares me about growing my hair is the hair loss. What precautions can one take?

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@viv haha yes must start indoctrinating kids as early as possible

Imagine if governments start setting up education boards for each section of ancient literature—Tripitaka studies board, Jataka studies board, Jain Puranas studies board, Dharmashastra studies board, Sangam poetry studies board... Who cares about contemporary stuff after all?

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"Research in China, mirroring in broad terms that in the UK where the Delta variant has become dominant, has also found the strain appears to be somewhat more resistant to vaccines, in particular a single dose."

This is concerning.

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