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Trying to do an post.

I spend too much money on , specifically fountain pens and paper to use them with. I Swedish to teenagers in the south of . I like to play , both - and . I'm not used to using emoji, but will gladly use emoticons. I have a that's ten months old. Using (free open source software) feels like part of my ideology.

This move went quicker than expected. I'm on now. Not sure if that's an alt or a the main at the moment, but it will be main in a few days.

Account created on the new instance. Feels good. Going to start using it soon I suppose. Just need to set up the basics first.

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it's time for my favourite game, Windows or Capitalism, where we try to guess whether a statement applies to windows or capitalism

- it's obnoxiously expensive for no reason
- corporate monopolies allow the big companies to stamp out alternatives and present themselves as the only option, driving up prices to ridiculous levels
- you are constantly pressured to spend money. in fact, if you don't have money, you can't participate at all
- advertisements are a fundamental element of the system
- most people who have souls despise it, but remain complacent because "what are the alternatives? this is the way things are"
- the mere mention of the names of alternatives disgusts many people
- the people in charge don't give a shit about you

trick question!! all of these statements apply to windows AND capitalism!!!!!

Half past midnight. Perfect time to go to bed. Just hope the kid sleeps past six tomorrow morning -_-'

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@girl communism is involved because the text we're using as our base is not Shakespeare's Hamlet, but rather Heiner Muller's Hamletmachine, which was written in East Germany, and directly refers to things such as the October revolution and life in communist Germany

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cw: violence against women, abortion, spoilers for the play if you're going to see it 

@Dayglochainsaw and the final scene involves two people dressed as Steve Jobs flossing while chanting the communist manifesto, interrupted only when Hamlet forcefully aborts a pregnant Ophelia

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also you know how the finale involves people flossing while chanting the communist manifesto? well the length of time the actors have to do it for is entirely determined by the lead actor. like there's a period where he like, preparing to do something, and he can spend as long as he wants just lounging around before he gives the flossers their cue to stop. and today the motherfucker took fucking AGES the other actors were flossing and chanting for so fucking long it was painful to watch

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I'm trying to not spend hours on YouTube. I blocked it on the computer a while back, and while I still have the app on my phone I moved it today so it's not as easy to open. So far so good :) .

Took first steps to switching instances. Gonna need some more time.

I know there are ways to mute instances. But I can't find it in tusky. Do I have to go to the web..?

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it's either "not very practical" or "the most practical thing ever" to switch all the clocks in the house to UTC

I spent the evening designing an insert for my Travelers Notebook. Just need paper for the printer now -_-'

I'm too tired to do anything, but too bored to do nothing. I guess this is prime youtube-time.

So far I did the dishes and made some phone calls. Maybe I should have breakfast, or maybe set an automatic Out of Office reply on my work email. Or how about some reading. (The possibilities are endless, except that they are very much limited)

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@prismhexes Hey, I'd just like to say the stickers came in the mail the other day. Kirby feels at home with the others ;) thanks again.

Kid slept through midnight on New years eve. Feels like a win! πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰

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hate when ppl ask me where i see myself next new years... like come on i dont have 2020 vision!

Not photographing the game we are playing. Everyone else is taking pictures.

Me looking on Etzy: Ooh, these printable planner inserts look nice.

Me half a minute later: Ouch, laser printers are expensive.

Also me: I wonder how much I will hate myself if I try to print on my inkjet, it's *only mostly* not waterproof. (actually it's very much not at all waterproof)

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