❤ y'all, but I'mm'a go jam with the console cowboys in cybre.space, where toots are 2^9 and the local feed speaks my language. Follow me @hackerfriendly

okay so I sequenced my whole genome and published it under CC-BY-NC
doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.995635 + doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.995725
(some assembly required)

alphabet writing is a technological choice, and it works well enough for what it's supposed to do

it's not supposed to be the gold standard for what it means to be human, though. technologies are for humans, not the other way around

🎵 Her name is Rio and she's hungry like the wolf. 🎵

Reminder, if you believe in the literal interpretation of genesis Eve is a transgender clone.

TIL about hydraulic fluid injection injuries, which are surgical emergencies ¹p1 but not recognized as a hazard by OSHA ¹p5. Here's how they look like: ². Oh and we don't have any PPE that protects from these injuries ¹p17,p29.

So yeah compressed gases will kill you violently but compressed liquids will maim you in ways that you'll wish you were dead.

²donotlink.it/YeM1 (extremely graphic)

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