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Okay again.
I toot life observations channeling , , and .
Everything is fair game, from 4th seat domineering aunty on the local train to chest-thumping uncles running political parties.
I studied at a bunch of 'premier institutions' when I was younger (those coveted 3 letter ones). I've worked on a range of issues, from Wall Street to water and sanitation in Bihar/ UP.
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I've played myself on this stage for so long. Let me at least play it with confidence now.

unpacking valid to mean "deserving of help, happiness, solidarity, and comfort" and realizing that actually maybe "you're valid" is nice sentiment even if it's overused

Downside of Asperger's is that sometimes you can sense things in people, and when you ask them what exactly is causing that feeling in them, they deny it, only to come back after 6 months and say "yes yes you sensed that feeling and this is actually what was causing it. I was really trying to numb that feeling so I got mad at you for calling me out."

@hackiechan it is a #mentalhealth epidemic.

A preventative measure is to switch off, cut out online interactions and interact to more people in real life. Everyone should.

Somehow face to face people are not so obnoxious.

Four different people talked to me today about being chronically emotionally exhausted (either right now, or in the recent past). They all talked about different pressures to conform to a system or expectation, and feeling overwhelmed by the problems around them. They all wanted to cut down their inter-personal interactions as a way of insulating themselves.
What exactly is happening all around us? This literally feels like a mental health epidemic.

A woman interviewed 100 convicted rapists in India. This is what she learned.

Madhumita Pandey was only 22 when she first went to Tihar Jail in New Delhi to meet and interview convicted rapists in India. Over the past three years, she has interviewed 100 of them for her doctoral thesis at the criminology department of Anglia Ruskin University in the UK.

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"Jo bhi main
Kehna chahoo
Barbad Kare
Alfaz mere."
-this is basically me trying to write today.

What's on my mind is a girl being set on fire after surviving an 'accident' after she accused an elected representative for rape, and after her father was killed while in custody. What's on my mind is that we don't know her name, much less the story she might have wanted to tell in court. What's on my mind is the loneliness of girls like her, and the overwhelming silence of the country when it comes to her courage, and keep on peddling the word 'Nirbhaya' as if it could buy us our lives

First be inefficient in your job.
Then let the victim suffer brutality.
Be silent on communalising the crime.
Kill the law and call it justice.
Ride the rage and be the hero.

That's the in

From a Whatsapp forward:

When dealing with rape cases, it's become a simple equation now.
If the accused is an inconsequential person, kill him. .
If he is well connected, kill the victim.

I repeat: We, as a collective, have officially lost our sanity from being subjected to a constant lack of justice.

People who are starved for justice will project it on to any act that could remotely be interpreted in that narrative.

My tasteless prediction: Given some of the current movie directors in the Telegu film industry, we should expect a hyper-masculine movie on the series of events very soon.
Let me know when that happens.

I'm worried about cops making Lunch plans these days, because one little typo.... one overzealous autocorrect and...

While people 'celebrate' the cops, do remember that they failed to Lodge the FIR, they told the parents that "she must have eloped" and they did nothing about people leaking her name to the media.
In this story, the police actually committed the second set of atrocities on the family, after the rapists.
So their official duty and process? They absolutely lynched that part too.

Life seems to be a joke format. I might as well be funny.

Official version from Cyberabad commissioner of police: 10 policemen took 4 accused to scene of crime to recover material objects (power bank, cellphone, watch). At the spot, accused attacked police using sticks, stones and sharp objects. Two accused took weapons off two police officers. Firing followed and continued for 10 mins. When it stopped, police realised 4 accused had died of bullet injuries and two police officers had non-bullet injuries. Incident took place between 5.45am & 6.15am

Sometimes taking care of the hard things is self care. Get them done and you'll free yourself of that stress.

Netflix might as well upgrade it's business model to shoot dopamine directly into brains.

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