Resources for makers interested in helping provide face shields and masks to healthcare professionals and the public megathread:

Join the Slack group! This is heavily geared toward sewn masks but 3D printed face shields are also a topic

From a friend with Health Canada "Unity Health is accepting donations in the form of PPE & other supplies. Please email if u or someone you know is looking2 donate. There is a team who is reviewing requests & determining what can be accepted.“

CORRECTION. The original email address is likely misspelled. From a friend with Health Canada "Unity Health accepting PPE donations& other supplies. Please email 2 donate. Team is reviewing requests & determining what can be accepted.“ [edit]

A great article suggesting most hospitals have a material (currently being thrown out) with proven safety/filter performance . Here’s the details:

Masks for non-healthcare workers; Hospitals now encouraging homemade masks for people who must be within 2m of one another:

From a medical professional at Toronto Rehab Institute: “The pattern is here:
It uses 3 layers, too thick, not breathable. Best is 1 layer nonwoven polypropylene. Reusable shopping bags are made from nonwoven polypropylene. Strings instead of elastics”

We are not guaranteeing that any of these DIY links can/will be used by medical professionals. It’s best to contact workers in your area and arrange with them. These are ideas only. We do not guarantee that any idea or mask design in this thread will protect against covid-19.

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