🦊 Firefox Monoline ❤️

Out of procrastination, the day before my Political Philosophy exam, as if I had nothing better to do, I created 🦊 Firefox Monoline a tiny, simple, yet beautiful customization to the #Firefox #UI.

This customization has one unique purpose: everything in the toolbars is minimized to a single line.

Please, do share what you think!

For all of #Firefox intensive users as I am, I believe it is game-changing.


🧹 Remove clutter and make Firefox toolbar as essential as possible 🚀
🚗 Compact mode support
⚠️ Preserve icons and functionalities for which no ⌨️ keyboard shortcut exists
✅ Non-breaking implementation
💡 Do you have a suggestion? Share it here)!

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GitHub mirror

@tommi how would it act with about 500 tabs in browser ? o.O


My brain works in a similar way - like 500 tabs in the browser and the melody of tetris.


@mondstern lool. from where you knew i like tetris ? o.O

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