I know I've teased this thing a million times by now, but I have a bit more progress on it. :) As well as a WIP MR (for libadwaita, not epiphany, though ephy changes are pretty small)

This year's Pants Award goes to Sophie Herold! Congratulations Sophie and thank you for all your hard work!! 🎉

#GNOME #pantsaward #GUADEC #GUADEC2022

GUADEC, Nautilus updates, new Libadwaita about dialogs, new GTK development snapshot, builder ported to GTK4, brand new Vala website, ... and so much more!

I am speechless how much happened in a *single* week! 🚀

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I am pleased to announce that is having its first anniversary! There has never been that many news as this week in the whole year!

#52 Happy Birthday!

A new libadwaita widget, more polishing on Workbench, a fancy third-party terminal and a new momentum for GNOME To Do, that's This Week in @gnome!


It's WWDC and I'm staying timely and relevant.

Apparently, Mastodon doesn't like my video, so I'll just link to Twitter instead: twitter.com/alexm_gnome/status

GNOME goes mobile! Work is currently underway to make GNOME Shell run on phones. More details on this, and many more news can be found in the current issue of !

#46 Going Mobile

Today I made the best kind of progress on 's new quick settings.

Namely: I decided that the bit that would make a fragile and complicated part more fragile and complicated isn't needed after all, and what I had done to mock up the missing bit is a valid option for a proper implementation.

And voilá, 10 minutes later I have working code that I'm genuinely happy with:

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