#MadeAThing …and a year later @brainblasted finally got it out into the world (Thank You :-) )

Typography is another little “tool-app” from the @gnome Design Tooling Team as a companion to (Colour) Palette offering buttons to copy various css classes/characters you may need in your app/mockup

Along the way we got a couple of gtk4 bugs ironed out, thanks @exalm et al for the help with that

As ever some nice artwork from @tbernard


Testing continues... 😍 The speed at which development is progressing is incredible! A big shout out to GNOME Shell developers!!!

⚠️ Work in progress ⚠️
This screenshot shows a WIP development build of Shell, things can still change.

*staples "NO ETAs" to the top of every repo*

Playing with GNOME Shell 40 touchpad gestures 🔥

The shell developers are doing a awesome job. It's incredible!

Don't worry, the actual animations aren't that slow, I just move my fingers very slowly on my trackpad. The animations match the actual movement of my fingers.

Awesome stuff! If you want to know more about GNOME Shell 40, you should check this blog post!


Does anyone have experience with copr repos?

@tbernard I ♥ that apps can start using GTK 4 _now_ and not have to wait for a distro to ship GTK 4.

Thanks, Flatpak & Flathub!

GTK 4.0 is here! After four years of hard work from our dedicated developers, GTK 4.0 was released today. Some highlights from this release include media playback, drag-and-drop, and scalable lists and grids. Learn more about what's new in GTK 4.0: blog.gtk.org/

#GTK #opensource #FOSS #release

We've just landed HdyFlap in libhandy, to be in the 1.1.0 release! It can be used as an adaptive sidebar/bottom sheet, also in future to have proper fullscreen header bars with HdyWindow.

Shout out to @haeckerfelix for this one as he wrote the initial version for inclusion to libhandy, based on a simplistic widget I wrote for Games to use for the autohiding header bar in fullscreen.

Hmmm...... 🤔 [Part 2]
Maybe there will be another entry in this list soon?🧐

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