The third alpha release of ashpd 0.2 is out. I have spent a bit of time finishing up the ashpd demo, you can now try/test most of the portals pretty easily

The flatpak bundle is available from


The third issue of This Week in @gnome is out!

Check out what our great community has been up to 🚀

Today is Friday! What does that mean? A new issue of This-Week-in-GNOME is available!

👉 #2 Power-Up!

It's full of awesome news! Make sure to check it out!

This Week in GNOME - Post #1 "Scrolling in the Dark" is online now. Get news about GNOME Shell, WebKitGTK, Libadwaita and more here:

You want to know what happens in ?

Weekly updates are now available here:

I’m going to launch something later today - and this time it’s not an app! 👀

The new gtk-rs release is out! New bindings for GTK4 and a lot of other great improvements. More information here:

so it happened and i updated ashpd to the latest zbus features!

you can enjoy it/test it already with the alpha release

More exciting details coming soon! If you want to follow the development (WIP!), you can check out this MR:

Thanks to Maximiliano who did the initial port to Rust/GTK4!

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It works completely different than Fragments V1.

For example the new architecture allows connecting to remote sessions. You can run Fragments / Transmission on a headless server to download stuff and use Fragments running on your computer to control the remote session.

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Fragments will get a big V2 update soon! 😎

Completely rewritten from scratch to make use of GTK4, libadwaita - and of course Rust!

A small sneak peek...

Can open sometimes be too open? Here's a post about what the @gnome community wish it didn't do when deploying its @matrix instance, and how it's going to fix it.

Do you understand e-mail? Have you ever been in an e-mail conversation with several people?

Then you already understand how @matrix works!

I explain it all in details in this blog post.

Libadwaita 1.0.0-alpha.1 is out!

Start porting your application from GTK 3 and Libhandy to GTK 4 and Libadwaita now with our migration guide:

Be aware that the API is bound to change until the first beta, planned for mid-August.

Few days after I managed to get gi-docgen to work properly with the docs generated by gir, the rust utility to generate rust bindings for glib based libs and because I don't like half backed work, I fixed the broken doc links that were too magical before. They are not anymore. Most importantly, we now either don't link to an item(instead of a broken link) for whatever reasons or a properly working one.

so + to very nice gtk4 rust bindings, the docs should be in a very nice shape as well :)

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Nostalgia 0.7 is live on Flathub, mostly thanks to work by @exalm and @foreverxml.

No huge user-facing changes, but it uses the wallpaper portal API now instead of the deprecated gsettings method (so we need even fewer permissions) and comes with the 40 wallpaper.

Builder types, global functions, constants, statics are now automatically documented from introspection data! 🎉

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The @gnome community faced some IRC spam yesterday which impacted the @matrix side of our community as well.

It would be easy to just say "IRC bad!" and call it a day. Reality is a bit more complex.

Here's my view about what happened, where we failed and how we can try to make IRC spam less of a problem all while keeping a premium experience on Matrix.

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