Playing with GNOME Shell 40 touchpad gestures 🔥

The shell developers are doing a awesome job. It's incredible!

Don't worry, the actual animations aren't that slow, I just move my fingers very slowly on my trackpad. The animations match the actual movement of my fingers.

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@haeckerfelix hey can you show me like a screenshot of what gestures are available out of the box?

@haeckerfelix How many fingers are used for these actions? 3 for all the windows? For activity?

Not fair that I have to wait so much longer for this to play around 😆

@haeckerfelix Hey Félix! Can you try opening a ridiculous number of workspaces (maybe 20, idk) and show how drag windows across workspaces works? It's the only thing that I dunno how will be handled and my mind begs to know

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