Testing continues... 😍 The speed at which development is progressing is incredible! A big shout out to GNOME Shell developers!!!

⚠️ Work in progress ⚠️
This screenshot shows a WIP development build of Shell, things can still change.

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@haeckerfelix How usable it the new shell using a mouse? From first sight, it seems to be counter-intuitive when starting applications: The user has to move the mouse to the top left corner and then all way down to the bottom in order to start an application. It sounds like this layout causes many new mouse kilometres. What's your experience with it?

@GerryT @haeckerfelix I was thinking the same this morning, LOL. Even though I can think of few reason to not move the activity corner.

@haeckerfelix I wonder if you can drag the windows to the little workspace icons above. This layout reminds me a lot of what was in early ElementaryOS 0.1 where you would simply drag the app icon to the workspace you wanted it on

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