@haeckerfelix great and thanks. I love to listen to some jazz while working

@haeckerfelix I wonder if I could ask you if you may want to think about bringing back the full-screen playing screen to mobile form factors? It is quite cramped now.

@haeckerfelix I dig this. Chances we might see MPD support any time soon (like Google cast)? That would be PURR-FECT. 😍

@haeckerfelix we need a standardized open podcast syncronisation protocol, so one can use multiple podcast clients and sync their status/entries etc.… 🤔

@haeckerfelix oh sorry, this is a radio client well… but applies here too.

@marquiskurt you can only receive new podcast, not *sync* their player state/"red"/"unread" status etc.

@haeckerfelix just installed, loving it so far, noticed there were some duplicate stations and tried to file a correction and saw that the underlying dev is not accepting changes in the database. do you have any plans on allowing alternative backend servers to the list of stations?

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