Today I played a bit with Builder + deviced after reading this:

Builder compiles your project for the target architecture (in my case a OnePlus 6 / aarch64) using qemu and installs it on your mobile device (without having to use a cable!).

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This is super helpful if you want to test if your app is fully adaptive / works properly on a phone.

The only downside is the long compilation and flatpak export time (around 5 minutes). But for a one-time test, this is negligible.

Kudos to @flyingpimonster for finishing it, and Christian Hergert for the initial work! This is really cool!

Oh - and of course thanks @calebccff for all the OnePlus 6 postmarketOS work, without this I wouldn't have been able to test this at all :-)

@haeckerfelix oof, 5 minutes is a long time for that. Do you know why it takes that long, and if subsequent builds are faster (i.e. only the first build takes that long)?

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