If you want to give Rust & GTK a try, here's a simple template boilerplate for you. Bonus: it uses Meson to build the application, Flatpak to bundle it and has a Gitlab CI to create nightlies for you and a bunch of nice stuff.



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I own a nexus 5 (hammerhead), what's the preferred way of running plasma mobile? Using postmarketos, or using halium?

Dear distros,

don't be dicks to the people making your OS valuable in the first place. Stop breaking third party apps by default.


Interested in GTK 4 development? Check out the latest blog entry from Matthias Clasen detailing what's new in GTK 3.96.0 (GTK 4 development branch). There's lots to be excited about! blog.gtk.org/2019/05/08/gtk-3-

You should read this blog post by @tobias_bernard@twitter.com if you want to know how to name your app.

It also explains how we came up with Shortwave. 😉


Have you been thinking about making an app for the Librem 5 but didn't know where to start?

I wrote a tutorial blog post for getting started with designing apps for GNOME mobile (and desktop too).


If your app uses the io.elementary.BaseApp.yml flatpak base, please, DO NOT UPDATE TO 3.32 GNOME RUNTIME YET.

Valac enters an infinite loop spewing GBs of logs and we just DDoSed flathub.


After 6 months of effort by our talented team of contributors, we are thrilled to announce the immediate release of GNOME 3.32, "Taipei". Please see our release announcement for the comprehensive list of changes.


We're trialling Discourse for discussions about and the core SDK as a replacement for a bunch of mailing lists: discourse.gnome.org/c/platform — Join up!

Gtk-rs had a release!!!!! gtk-rs.org/blog/2019/02/21/new

This means I can now merge the all-the-gobject-crap-in-rust branch to librsvg.

Finally overcame procrastination, reset my Kickstarter password, and contributed 100 bucks to the Akira campaign!

We really need something better than Inkscape for UI design, and this seems like the most promising attempt in a long time. The campaign still has 2 weeks and is at 30%, so I'm hopeful they can still make it.


Geary 0.13 is out! 🎉🎉🎉

Featuring an all new account manager, olive-buttery-smooth conversation loading, GNOME Online Accounts integration, and a lot lot more: mail.gnome.org/archives/geary-

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