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Wie kann man gerade als Grüner so mutlos sein? In Umweltbelangen für Nachhaltigkeit und Selbstbestimmung, aber im Internet lieber im betreuten Paradies bleiben? Und dabei gibt es sogar eine grüne Instanz: gruene.social

@nitrokey I could give it a try. Are there templates available?

@nitrokey would be better looking without branding or with just your logo. But apart from that the shape looks quite nice compared to the surprisingly sharp edge of the baseframe of my current one

@credativde frei konfigurierbares Fahrrad + Bahncard würden mich da eher ansprechen...

@aadil That is indeed really nice. But I would love it if this look up/translate feature would be app agnostic and desktop wide.

@Fairphone wasn't that even true for the Fairphone 2? 🤔
Had to replace the display once and it was a snap 👍

Wow 🎉 that's great to know. Thanks for the hint!

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@nextcloud l'm also using it and it's really nice. But advanced options for recurring events doesn't work very well.


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