The Internet needs more website resources like this one. A++

> I made Instant Pot Cooking Times after becoming frustrated with bloated recipe sites. No images, no stupid backstories, no apps, no BS.

Co-worker, walking into my office holding succulent: You know about plants right?
Me: Some?
Co-worker: Can I separate this plant up or do I need to repot?
Me: No idea. Google it.
Co-worker: Okay, it's a succubus, right?
Me: Succulent. It's a succulent.
Co-worker:What's the difference?
Me: a succubus drains your soul through sex. A succulent is a plant.
Co-worker: Wow, okay. I guess a succubus would be a really odd gift to give a co-worker.

It seems impossible for my kids to use YouTube for more than a few minutes without the recommendations filling up with garbage. Deleting the app from the family iPad.

Sketchbook page full of dogs. Sadly, I am allergic to almost every animals...but I love to draw them!

#watercolor #illustration #mastoart

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@Aleen @mikahsargent @HollyGoDarkly Speaking of d&d and podcasting, thanks for the excellent Gamma World run on TPK. Really funny and great role playing.

Last week staying home with the 1-, 3- and 5-year-old. Next week the 1-year-old (and I) start the two-week introduction period at daycare (called preschool here in Sweden).

@schwa But, sure, if the choice is between every time or only once I’d pick once.

@schwa Agreed, but if a posting is reboosted a second time a year later?

@davewoodx That seems smart, especially the Cruft. Something to do tomorrow morning.

Spent the morning moving me and my wife from a shared 1Password vault on Dropbox to a Family account with separate vaults. Sorted and tagged every item, but couldn’t bring myself to delete a single one. Don’t know why I need to keep that old login.

@schwa I think I agree with everything except “Users should never see a boosted posting more than once.” It’s annoying when a posting is repeated, but *never* seems to severe. Some time limit is needed though.


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