i.... im sorry.... but i am too old for video games. i must do mature internet hobbies, like roleplaying as a wolf who swallows people wit h their d*ck

google tinynvidiaupdatechecker if you're sick of having to log in to update drivers

you must feel pretty dumb about wanting a wife now huh

against all odds moviebob never came out as alt right

i secretly admire the kung pow penis guy. being a pudgy mall cop and fighting the sjws on twitter. a powerful soul

overwatch can only stay relevant through butts and racism

some people just wanna decide who's renewed and who's cancelled

why does the curvy wife not simply become a curvy single woman

hey i started the otherkin drama. sorry everyone, i just wanted attention and clout

from the makers of call of duty 4: modern warfare and call of duty: modern warfare remastered comes call of duty: modern warfare

i have takes on recent events that may be shocking to some and your shock will only raise my fragile ego higher

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