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[extremely ironic voice] i am in extreme psychological pain

im the twisted furry oif mastodon >:33333 wewwcome to my twisted mind >:3333333

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Getting second thoughts about audio in Mastodon after people immediately request FLAC/WAV, cover art, tracklists, playlists... 😦

notch bad boost and like i need validation

it's almost like the people who go there now are just nerds who heard about the v for vendetta hacker men and decided if they went there they'd be Too Hardcore to be Messed With

wow channers are unbelievably easy to troll

it turns out i'm apparently very good as the fightdog in smash ultimate

if you think you suck at smash ultimate here's notch's final result

[ to the cereal mascots on the box in the shopping aisle] hello, beautiful, ,,,

i think notch serves as an example of why capitalism is flawed. all the money in the world and hes a miserable loser who dedicates his time to becoming increasingly racist on twitter

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they pretended it was a celebration of the 2nd anniversary of metal gear rising. they backpedaled so hard time itself reversed

considering deleting this to preserve my clout as a cool gamer who's good at video games

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