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This afternoon I start the filming of the XPPen Pro 24 review after 48h of deep tests. Oh dear: there is a lot to say about it.
#kubuntu #linux #krita #digimend #xppen

Almost like Wall Street doesn't care if we live or die...

Oggi ho trovato questo paper dal titolo promettente.
"Which Saint to pray for fighting against a Covid infection? A short survey"

Spoiler: Santa Rita vince a mani basse e Gesù è solo a 1!

🎨 Hey, look what I just received? A XP-Pen Artist 24 Pro tablet! XP-Pen sent me this tablet for free in exchange of a video review on my channel (using GNU/Linux and Krita), so expect to see that coming soon. Blog-post about this sponsoring: davidrevoy.com/article841/

debian is legit 

@hund debian. i'd freak the fuck out. maybe i'd try to learn arch but yikes. do any other Linux's have a constitution and democratic procedure? or is Debian still the only open source project on the planet with it's shit at all in any way remotely together? i think they are.

Auguri a il manifesto che il 28 aprile ha compiuto 50 anni: ilmanifesto.it/il-manifesto-50 Ha accompagnato più di 40 anni della mia vita: sono stato lettore, abbonato, diffusore, sostenitore e perfino azionista, un curriculum di cui vado piuttosto fiero :) Lunga vita a #ilmanifesto #libertàdistampa

Белово, Кемеровская область | Belovo, Kemerovo region, 2009.
(c) Iliya Pilipenko

@rf @rubot

If I were the president in an action movie and terrorists had stolen my nuclear launch codes, I would simply call Kevin in IT and have him change the password for me again.

New recipe in our online documentation: Tempeh!

We discovered and learned how to make tempeh two years ago when we lived in Amsterdam. Going vegan invited us to explore food in a way we had never done before. Tempeh is now part of our daily diet. Making it taught us a lot about fermentation and its benefits, helped us understand our environment, made us want to become more resilient, to make our own tools.


#tempeh #fermentation #vegan #knowledge

darktable 3.6 : la poésie de la couleur avec balance couleur RGB


La balance couleur RGB va remplacer la balance couleur traditionnelle dans darktable 3.6 pour l'étalonnage créatif (color-grading) dans la future darktable 3.6 avec des espaces de couleur au cordeau et des masques de luminance intégrés pour u


#darktable #darktablefr #photographie

Théorie de la couleur pour le photographe numérique


(En français…) Saturation, chroma, luminosité, brillance ? Connaissez-vous leur définition et leur lien avec le gamut​ ? On fait un tour du pack de survie du photographe​ numérique en matière de théorie de la couleur​.

Note : la session est enregistrée live ave


#darktable #darktablefr #photographie

У нас новая выставка:

Артур Бондарь "Тени"


"Чернобыльская катастрофа, произошедшая тридцать пять лет назад, – событие, после которого многое из того, что казалось незыблемым, исчезло или переродилось. Бесконечная вера в прогресс превратилась в понимание, что не все созданное человеком может им контролироваться. Архаичное представление об опасности как о чем-то видимом стало боязнью простых вещей: воздуха, воды, травы – все теперь может убить."

Внимание! Просмотр доступен с планшетов и ПК!

#photography #photo

@rf @rubot

Trying to find happiness in life divorced from work, while expected to constantly show up to pay bills, taxes, &etc. This whole time I thought suffering was an important part of the equation, but you know what?

I want to show up for myself. And I want to continually choose joy.

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