Help! From anyone interested in English, Physics, Math, or Science.

I have written a rather massive article in the hopes of teaching people with mid-level knowledge in electronics about the idea of Duals in mathematics, how that applies to circuits and the various types of circuit duals that exist

I also include a great deal of detail in the end about one very obscure and rarely studied circuit dual called the magnetic circuit dual, it is a circuit, like a magnetic circuit, but instead of current being the flow of electrons, it is the flow of a magnetic field through wires made of iron instead of copper.

I even touch on briefly how one can extract energy from permanent magnets and other details most people arent very familiar with.

The problem is the article is massive and I really could use some eyes on it. Whether its just to try to help me catch english mistakes, or if your not that experienced perhaps tell me the parts that are confusing, as I would like this to be accessible to people who may not be scientists and only know entry level electronics or science. any feedback from anyone at any level would be highly appreciated.

Keep in mind I couldn't find many good sources laying out the equations for magnetic circuits very clearly so I had to derive a lot of the equations myself, though the concept is well established as fact and many peer-reviewed papers have been written on it. But bear in mind there may be minor errors in my math as well, so that too needs some criticism, though the math should be fairly close to correct.

Anyway any input from anyone would be much appreciated.

The draft of the article can be found on the beta site for my blog, here is a direct link:

Similarly if you find any mistakes you can message me here, or you can leave a merge request on the repo for the article, here is the direct link to the markdown file in the source for my blog:

It is much prefered that if you have specific edits like english or math you do it as a pull request as it can be a huge pain for me to hunt down the specific part of the text you are referring to if you point out mistakes as replies here. However if your unwilling to do a merge request please still ping me here as I'd rather know than to just let it go unnoticed.

Anyone who helps I will add a thank you with your name and a link to your own site at the bottom of the article if you wish, this might help draw some traffic to your own site.

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Meh. Ubuntu.

I got nothing to prove to anyone anymore, Ubuntu is the sweatpants equivalent distro.

WOOHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The last batch of printed proof looks perfect! Finally, after one year of struggle... Quick blog post:

With last week's updates, we've improved the speed of Tutanota a lot. We feel like it's at least twice as fast. Hope you feel it, too. 😃🥳

Spotted these barriers recently put up on a walking path near the home. Obviously people have started to walk into the low roof instead of avoiding it because they are too busy looking at their gadgets to notice the roof gradually getting lower. 🙂

#Singapore #Walking #Distractions

We have restored access to your Tutanota email service under - Our .com domain will be live as well soon. We will inform about details on this DDoS attack and how we restored the service later. Thank you very much for your patience and support! 🙏💪

Tutanota: Encrypted email service weathers latest of ongoing DDoS storms and now has a status page for service

You have to wonder who would gain from blocking a privacy focussed mail service? Tutanota does have some excellent features as well as good value and I've been trying to register myself since yesterday to test it.
Tutanota has appealed to its users to stick by it as leaving them would be playing into the hands of the DDoS attackers. After all this is not the fault of Tutanota.
They have launched a page to indicate the status of the service. I'll be testing it as soon as I can get in and register. Whilst Proton Mail is the better known alternative, Tutanota does have a cheaper offering with some good extras.
See Sorry we shut you out, says Tutanota: Encrypted email service weathers latest of ongoing DDoS storms

A Soviet kettle made in 1960 with rockets that start spinning when the water boils. 🚀

The windows 1.0 logo was the most modern of all the windows branding they did.

Inventing a new view to explain filmic curve as a scene -> display range mapping zone by zone for next #darktable. It should make it easier to get.

Okay people, we've seen degrade more and more for years, and we've always hoped it will find its way and get better.

Now people working on Developer Tools, , and the Rust team - arguably some of the most useful and valuable teams at Mozilla - have been laid off, to make space for more profit making activities.

This is utter bullshit.

But perhaps this is also an opportunity. The FLOSS community forked OpenOffice, XFree86, and other huge projects.


#darktable 3.2.1, an amazing editor for #photography focusing on raw photos, has been released!

It includes: filmic rgb v4, a default scene-referred linear workflow (optional), lots of tag improvements, redesigned preferences dialog, better film negative processing, a bunch of performance speedups, and much more!

It's available for #Linux, #Windows, and #macOS. There's no cost; it's community-built Free Software.

Another gorgeous from our friend Jonas Wagner
of a ridiculously charmed view from the Alps and the setting sun. Come get the and show us how you'd process this incredible view!

Microbiologist Does Simple Demonstration to Show How Face Masks Are Effective

Verdammt, nochmal! Ist es denn so schwer, ohne zu jammern die Scheiß-Maske aufzusetzen?!

Coronavirus: senza lavoro per il lockdown, ha creato un sito gratuito con dati e grafici sulla pandemia.
“Un servizio per tutti i cittadini”

Florian Lanthaler, sviluppatore di software freelance di Merano, ha creato da zero un portale dove è possibile consultare l'andamento del contagio a livello globale, ma anche nel dettaglio locale, comparare diversi Paesi e città, mettere a confronto la mobilità e la crescita dei positivi: "Ho voluto fare qualcosa di chiaro da mettere a disposizione di tutti. Dietro i numeri ci sono le persone, su questo non voglio guadagnare. Non c'è nemmeno la profilazione degli utenti"

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