Questo weekend non voglio spendere un euro e voglio andare avanti ad acqua caffè tachipirine mastodon streaming e un libro che devo ancora leggere

A recent commit in darktable's git repo removed the block on using Neo OpenCL, meaning: development snapshots of #darktable now support GPU acceleration for modern (within the past several years) Intel GPUs for a noticeably big performance boost, provided you have Intel Neo OpenCL suppport installed and compile darktable yourself.

Summary: Quicker photo editing in darktable for Intel laptops (without NVidia or AMD)!

This should land in a release by the end of the year in most Linux distros.

A sketch of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice by Quinlan Terry.⁠

Terry's curious and idiosyncratic flavour of continuity classicism comes up for discussion (and plenty of critique) in our latest episode.

#GIMP has Line Art Detection, Grow, and Gap Fill!! It has the "All Visible Layers" option!! Look at this! My artsy lines NEVER connect but I can still use Bucket Fill!

#ArtTips #MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #goldfish

"Apparently, prior to the 18th Century, us humans used to split our night’s rest into two phases. One started shortly after dusk and ended at midnight, and we followed it with another that began at 2 a.m. and ended just after daybreak. (...) historians have surmised that people indeed slept in two phases, and spent the middle bit of the night essentially having a blast."

Entry n. 9.944 on the list of things capitalism took away from us.

It's really awesome the number of trackers in mobile applications.
We can inform /e/OS users about these, thanks to @ExodusPrivacy software.
Fight for your ! 

the slow but very real progression into fascism as charted by the evolution of the Lego police officer

French Illustrator Revives the Byzantine Empire with Magnificently Detailed Drawings of Its Monuments & Buildings: Hagia Sophia, Great Palace & More

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