OK, so I worked for FruitCo for 24+ years, and then retired, took a year off, and got talked into returning as a 3rd-party contractor to write Real Genuine Official Mac OS X Cocoa application programs in Objective C. (I'll move to Swift 5, probably, when they ship it.)

Today my boss posted a picture of 40+ interns using my program to set up their brand new Macintoshes.

I guess I have succeeded in some measure.

lost at the Taco Bell, which is pretty horrifying, but I think the fact that I ended up at Taco Bell because Chick-Fil-A was inexplicably crowded beyond capacity, that probably just makes it even more humiliating. (I have a coupon for a free sandwich?)

In the other room, U2 is singing “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and I’m thinking, “I Have No Idea What I’m Looking For.”

Someone just announced they'd like to be removed from an email thread.

In my TV, my wife switched from side-by-side footballs and baseballs to just the baseball. "MY GOD THESE SPORTS ARE GIGANTIC" I erupted while Mookie Betts caught the ball.

1) My program was handed to actual testers. I expect to be eviscerated for the travesty I have committed.
2) My new car successfully followed the car in front of it for several miles without my foot being involved. Commute: Improved!

My program for work, which I have written almost entirely by cutting and pasting the work of far better programmers than I, it successfully ran from beginning to end and even scrolled the NSCollectionView acceptably. Like a baby taking first steps, except made out of brackets, colons, and at-signs.

Slowly stalking the NSCollectionView in the ObjectiveC Tundra. Why does it demand ritual function definitions with no bodies? Who knows. (Shakes a lure)

Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965) 怪獣大戦争, directed by Ishiro Honda

Also, current mood

What's the right Mac application for Mastodon?

You realize you texted me from the car while you were driving away while I was trying to catch you

If you don’t get a flu shot I hate your guts

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