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i have sans' dad joke nihilism, apathy as a coping mechanism, uncle potential, and deep love and admiration for papyrus, i have alphys' self image, autism, and fandom feels, and i have mettaton's sense of personal style. this makes me more powerful than you could ever imagine

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just moved into the new apartment, here's a pic!!

i'm a whole-ass different person with a different life than i was a week ago. openly kinning, training in a supermarket, making friends online for the first time in 13 years,

kris and asriel playing minecraft together
kris: hey get in my boat ive got something to show you
kris: okay now get out
asriel: okay i'm in the water now what-- wait where are you going brING THE BOAT BACK

most of the people you meet with "ORGAN DONOR" on their license are POSEURS who have never donated a SINGLE ORGAN

Small brain: his or her
Big brain: their
Galaxy brain: some motherfucker’s

replace gender selection screens in video games with a little slider that determines how long your character has been on hrt imho

LEGOLA..,S !! What do your.., elf eyws see...


given name? no, this is my taken name. i stole it in an elaborate ocean's 8 style heist, like prometheus stealing fire from the gods.

to earn it you have to be a cryptid and it just sorta accumulates


what if

, you had to milk bees.., for homey..,

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