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oh!! since i can heck up my situational awareness and generally go a little ham on my shitposting and rants, and since an astounding amount of minors are following me, always remember that you can tell me to stop or unfollow or block me any time and it's fine. the last thing i want is to make people uncomfortable, the world is so vast and scary and we only have each other

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i've got another account on .art where i'm also called hairynoodlelegs. it's got mostly fanart, and i mainly use traditional materials. go vheck it out if you want

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Well since berries is currently down for me I guess I'll sate any craving for posts on here *dabs*

gdjksgfjkg Guys I moved to Berries with the same url, but I don't know if I wanna mass DM since that can be really annoying?? But I'm also not sure how to follow everyone again without literally going through and searching everyone

The pizza I tried to eat yestarday was so disgusting that it did nothing to sate my pizza craving. I should make pizza for dinner today????

lewd? headless horsemans brother 

I can't see people mention the 'I need a hero' cover from Shrek without rabidly and frantically finding it on youtube

gen like a lil bit ago: night!!

gen now: hhh MILK

If we're talking about near death experiences: A few years ago I was crossing the street at a green light in fairly snowy weather but it wasn't like dark or anything. And I just reflexively stopped in the middle of the road without knowing why, and a car came around the corner at super high speed right where I would have been if I hadn't stopped. Me and the driver's faces were right next to each other and we made eye contact with the same horrified expression

*dances* time to eat pringles time to eat pringles time to e

For all trans people that use binders and have trouble with it: you can speak to an orthopedic technician and try a compression garment used for gynecomastia post-op. It's designed to avoid rib, muscle or nerve damage and safe to use all day except for sleeping.

If you have doubts about it I can tell you more, show you pics, whatever. I'm sharing this because it's a solution that may not be the first you think about in this situation.

Boost please!

put your hands in a sandwich bag to make a statement

Jokes on u i kin myself so my name IS my kinnie name

Cute date idea: fight me in a pit for thousands of viewers online


did you catch on fire now, did i just wanted to do.

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