So, I just stumbled upon this. It may turn out to be useful in the months ahead. Still a long way from implementig HDMI support, but this seems to me like a good place to start more generally to understand other fast serial and packet protocols from the ground up.

@vertigo Yes, it's the same one, I just wasn't sure if it was freely *and* legally available.

@vertigo There's probably little that you don't already know in there, but I'm still a beginner in FPGA matters.

@haitch Always good to have resources available though.

@vertigo By the way, most of the decent resources I've found available for free online are based on VHDL, and I haven't looked enough, but not a lot of above average Verilog stuff seems to be available without strings attached. But you use Verilog for Kestrel, right? So I'm feeling a bit torn because personally I'm feeling more inclined to use VHDL but it would be a mess to have a lot of duplication of efforts, and potential pitfalls eventually when linking up multi-FPGA modules.


@vertigo Still early days, but I'm pondering what's the best way to go about it. It's the sort of early decision that has a considerable impact later.

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@haitch Another option might be to use something like MyHDL. It's based on Python (IIRC), and I believe it lets you output your design as either VHDL or Verilog.

I've never used it myself, but that might also be an option.

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