A few days ago, @mozilla sacked 250 of the best FOSS technologists on this planet arguing serious budget constraints.

Today, we learn that Mozilla signed a three-year, $1.2+ billion deal with Google, and expected that to remain under wraps until November.

Despite of the love we have for the work they've done for decades the Mozilla organisation is insulting the FOSS community and its own amazing employees.

Not a good show, @mozilla.

@haitch Wow, almost two million times more dollars a year than they laid people off.

Great going, @mozilla – you're really showing us why you should stop existing.

@phryk @mozilla I understand if they have to do some long re-structuring and they want to become a more traditional commercial entity. That's their call.


1. They could have surely chosen a better time to sack people, for example, waiting until after the global pandemic is under control.

2. They can't be both a cut-throat capitalist corporation that sacks 250 people in the middle of a pandemic, and a non-profit that claims to spouse FOSS values.

That's how it's insulting.

@HarneyBA The report says between $400 and $450 million per year, that's a minimum $1.2 billion in a three-year period.

@haitch @mozilla Huh? I know about their plans to go into a more "commercial" direction but this is straight out a shitty move by them

Also, didn't know that merely becoming the default search engine is worth *that* much money

Maybe Google think it's worth that kind of money because they achieve two goals:

1. Not being sued for monopolist practices as long as Mozilla exist.

2. WWW domination.

They'll be happy to control the entire web with 95% marketshare, as long as Mozilla stay barely alive to prove they're not an abusive monopoly.


@haitch I believe this might be what's happening.

@sh We can't be 100% sure.

But of course, that too is by design. it's precisely that lack of transparency and that helps to bring us to situations such as the current one. I'm pretty sure that Google don't ignore that.

@juliank No. Please read again, I can't do that for you.

@haitch The article itself says August 12, and that's what I remember, that was last Wednesday.

@juliank Oh okay, so you had already read it, that explains why you felt compelled to let me know that you read about it last week. Good to know, that's helpful. Thank you.

@haitch At this point I see Mozilla as being no more opensource than the others, though in large part that's because the others have become more so. And have been for quite a while.

@alcinnz Mozilla has certainly made it difficult to argue against this idea.

@haitch @mozilla any recommendations for a new browser and email client?

@haitch @mozilla don't they also have million dollar salary managers?

@schmorp @mozilla $427k may look like little money to people who like to be part of the Silicon Valley scene,.

But it also looks glaringly unethical for a non-profit that benefits from the work of thousands doing pro-bono work. Especially since they've renewed their Google $1.2 billion deal, especially after defunding important projects, and especially after sacking 250 people.

They're not more open sourcey than Google are.

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