The only long term solution for software freedom to prevail is to abandon W3C standards and begin the enterprise of creating a new, post-web Docuverse, uncompromised by corporate control.

Google can keep the WWW and browser absolutism, we can make something better.


I've played with some "web3" concepts. Mobile client tethered to a user-owned cloud counterpart (your "agent"). RESTful API's to the rest of the world run from the agent, and presentation is a backend function of your cloud agent handing back to your mobile device.

So you control caching, sizing, and the protocols control semantics for what you're accessing. This means the SW on your own device doesn't have to offer an attack surface to anything except your own cloud agent.

@vandys There's some of it under the hashtag although some concept designs are not visible inline, you can still click through and view them.

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