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if I had any idea what a jsx file even is that might help Y'ALL IT'S AN ONLINE COLLAB ANSI EDITOR BY THE BLOCKTRONICS PEOPLE HO LY SHIT

upside: results do look neat. downside: well, cycles integrators are a bit inadequate

need a hdri of a window in a dark room, my friends

anyways, did you know that you should follow @dotUser , who is Extremely Rad? You know now!

@Gargron Getting a browserify error after update; BrowserifyRails::BrowserifyError: Error while running `/home/mastodon/live/node_modules/.bin/browserify --transform [ babelify --presets [ es2015 react ] ] --extension=".jsx" --list -o "/home/mastodon/live/tmp/cache/browserify-rails/output20170209-12042-4ioelc" -`:

stash, branch, checkout, stash apply, problem fixed

git stash is honestly so useful when you're an idiot who forgets to make a new branch every time they start to work on a thing

light novel titles are the clickbait headlines of book titles

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