i went to a gun range for the first time today and was???? very good at shooting???? i rented a 9mm pistol from the range and then also shot two rifles that my friend brought. i liked the pistol more and want to go back. this is weird because i've always hated guns and never had any nuanced opinions, just "ban them." i have a lot to think about now.

oh there was supposed to be a photo attached to this toot :/

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at my fav new bar in the outer sunset, an outpost of an Oakland brewery called Woods

I also appreciate that mastodon is a place where I can post earnest toots like that without it being taken the wrong way or made fun of, idk, this feels like a more wholesome and supportive environment!

I had such an amazing night last night! one of my favorite bands Chairlift played a farewell show (they're breaking up) at a great club in SF called bimbo's and we hung out with them after the show until everyone got kicked out of the green room at like 1:30AM. I'm really gonna miss their music but am sooo excited to see what they do next. Feeling so lucky to get to make friends with folks I admire.

I bought myself a gold chain for my bday and I think I lost it already :( I thought I put it on this morning but I can't find it and it's not on my neck Obviously

she's so much more than the singer of course she's an incredibly talented human and SO NICE WTF

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tfw the singer of your favorite band DMs you on Twitter to invite you to their show tonight as if you didn't have an alarm set for the second they went on sale. what is my life. oh my god what am I going to WEAR

I fluctuate daily between loving SF so much and desperately wanting to move away why am I like this

(it's because I've lived here since I was 17 and all my friends keep moving away)
(but the ocean is so lovely how could I possibly leave)

tusky doesn't show boost or fav counts on toots and it is so freeing lmao

I live very close to the ocean here in SF and on windy rainy days like this the ocean smell is really strong, I love it so much

ahhh there's some other instances that look real nice but I already have a bunch of toots here :/

sorry for being straight on this website I'm trying to remove it

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Andre giggles every time I mention toots I love him

please don't try to add me to your professional network on linked in

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a bunch of folks surrounded me at karaoke and started talking to me about the folks they know who also work at my job and kept trying to network with me and they are all from a solidarity group of URMs and I probably came off as rude but I really the fuck do not go to karaoke to NETWORK

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