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@warrenellis@twitter.com WOULD TOSS THIS OUT AS BEING TOO MUCH.

RT @MSignorile@twitter.com Seriously! ---> Melania wears jacket saying 'I REALLY DON'T CARE' to visit immigrants dailym.ai/2MG7k1r via @Femail@twitter.com

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I think a clear majority of the cast would be on board for this.
RT @McKelvie@twitter.com Ok, how about this, they pay for a The Last Jedi remake, and it's exactly the same but all the actors have to make their own laser and lightsaber noises.

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RT @the_moviebob@twitter.com That's a hell of a thing.

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RT @joshtpm@twitter.com Trump Signs Order To Keep Migrant Families Detained Together Indefinitely talkingpointsmemo.com/dc/trump via @TPM@twitter.com

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RT @RameshPonnuru@twitter.com This column explains that calling family separation "cruel" hurts the feelings of people who support it. wsj.com/articles/bush-family-v

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RT @olde_fortran@twitter.com Some of the typical bad actors in the RPG scene are trying to make "DnDGate" a thing, right up there with Gamergate. πŸ™„

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RT @EamonJavers@twitter.com Trump says Canadians are smuggling US goods into Canada to avoid tariffs: β€œThey buy shoes and they wear β€˜em. They scuff β€˜em up to make β€˜em sound old, or look old.”

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We're the bad guys.
RT @bpolitics@twitter.com BREAKING: Trump administration plans to announce its withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday, sources say bloom.bg/2tb6fGF

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Short version: We can't be satisfied with beating Trump. The entire Republican Party must be burned to ash and scattered.

RT @alexandraerin@twitter.com So, you might have heard someone say that the first law of holes is, if you should find yourself in one, stop digging.

I've seen people expressing surprise and concern today that the Trump regime generally and @SecNielsen@twitter.com in particular haven't stopped digging. Won't stop.

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RT @BryantD@twitter.com A long time ago when I was in college I was lucky enough to play in a great D&D campaign called (by the players, anyway) Catholic World. Eric was a superb GM. It was a low magic, high morals world. I don't think any of us ever scored a +1 weapon, but we knew right from wrong. 1/

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What do you think some reporter who managed to follow the truck would find in that hole? What do you think the administration would do to keep anyone from finding out what is in that hole? And how do you think the world would react? (5/5)

Windows blacked out. Doctors dressed in civilian clothing to prevent people from talking are brought in. The facility becomes quieter and quieter. And when they think no one is looking, a truck leaves and drives far away, and empties cargo into a pre-dug hole in the desert. (4/5)

and then ripping through one of these facilities. The staff is already, reportedly, unable to deal with small issues, so it is possible by the time it is noticed, it is too late. Suddenly the order is given, no one in or out except for approved personnel. (3/5)

It doesn't ever require a group of men with black masks and rifles enacting some terrible order from above. All it would require is one child coming in with some sickness, most like just incubating when they are seized, but flaring up under the stress of incarceration (2/5)

I'm just going to point this out, and then I'm going to stop taking about it because otherwise I'm going to start screaming. It would not take much for the current situation to go for the currently level of horrifying to, well whatever comes after horrifying. (1/5)