@bob For the #OMN being based on the #4opens am looking at Odata as the rest API core progress.com/blogs/odata-faqs- as this is an outgrouth of #atompub and #RSS and comes from a long process of open development #indymedia What do you think?

@Hamishcampbell @bob It looks like this is the relevant specification document:


I'm not aware of anything currently using the OData format and in the context of federated systems I think it would be better to stick with the ActivityStreams vocabulary, which is what ActivityPub is based on.

@bob @Hamishcampbell@campaign.openworlds.info this is based on atompub which is the same thing activertypub is built on. Am format agnostic as long as its am not soure that activertypub implements the update data option, its not in any of the apps. For the backend am looking to build a huge distributed "lossy" database - the data soup were the apps are just laddles tto this bubbleing coldren. No resion you can use activertypub to dip in for norshment :)

@hamishcampbell @bob ie. its anything in and anything out - mediated by trust. Then its up to "commernerty" what they do with this and up to the individuals what commerty they choices or if a bit geeky can be an individual. its just soup (data soup) of coure my project is to build a media/news network out of this other people can build other things #OMN

@hamishcampbell @bob the data soup is feed by folsonmeny flows of taged data objects mediated by trust. the consumemption is based on the same. all with a nice UI

@Hamishcampbell @hamishcampbell @bob Also try to create infrastructure which operates in a clear and simple way. If you create a murky soup of data with unclear attribution then this provides habitable cover for the real bad actors. We've seen that happen in previous attempts to disrupt the open web, with ISIS and then the alt-right.


@bob @Hamishcampbell@campaign.openworlds.info the idea () is that the flow metadata and tag history is added to the data object (that is redundently stored) all a bit lossy which of course is a security risk - the are likely checksum/hash solutions that can fix these but important to keep it human at bootup.

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