A thought about the #hashtag swarm. There could be a meta level where tags are organised under ontological categories. There could be a default ontology which is then user modifiable. Ontologies could have feeds that you can subscribe to. #Epicyon

@bob we need to build stuff like this as a "public standerd" so we can get interop rather than silos

@hamishcampbell @bob A user defined ontology could be just an RSS feed. The title being the higher level category and the description containing tags belonging to that category. You then don't need to invent any new data formats, and could subscribe to other people's categorizations. There might need to be come category resolution to handle clashes, but it's feasible.


@bob the feeds are the pipes that join the data cauldrons. The site/apps are ladles that scoop out data, we are the hands that hold the ladle. The coding is basic iron work.

* Cauldron - syncing database
* Pipe - standard to transport flows of data
* Ladle a website/app that trough and displays this data.

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@hamishcampbell @bob the Q. is than what existing tools/standerds can we use to build out this simple #KISS metaphor ;) and how can we avoid agenders from makeing the simple complex.

@Hamishcampbell @bob Keeping metaphors at a level that wide social truth is is basic Anarchism. So the question we should always ask about tech is what is its metaphor and/or ideology.

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