Almost all new alt-tech projects are worthless and a waste of attention. This should be obvious if you look back at the hundreds, thousands of dead projects. Yet people keep building them, i know they look shiny and sound new - but they are actually almost all dull and are copies with no linking back to the dozen of the same projects that failed from the same issues.

We HAVE to stop adding to this shit.

Bluesky thinking of a "governance" body of the fedivers - If it does not have elephants running around throwing paper planes it's likely the wrong structure thinking

would I recommend a live aboard lifeboat for adventures?

With good ballast and a safe weather window you can do coastal hopping. The boats are "safe" for the sea but can get VERY bouncy with stuff crashing about in swell and waves. They are slow but efficient so have to work with the tides and wind and not go agenst them. With the bigger lifeboats' height is a BLOCK on cruising with low bridges on small canals.

Why the split, why did the project that used to be the size of the decay and die.

You can make up anything you like online or on a invite. But rainbow gatherings work by consensus on the ground in a talking circle.

* Photographey the consensus is "ask permission before takeing a photo were anyone can be recognized"

* Electronics the consensus is "no amplified music and do not bring your electronics into the main circle"

Come to a gathering and call a circal if you would like to change this its simple. Please respect the great spirit work.

Boat max speed is determined by there length so short tubby boats are slow and long sleek boats fast if they have the engine to push them. We have a 30hp engine but can only use 1/2 of that and cruise on a 1/3 of the power for efficiency. Anything bound 8kmh is a lot of power/noise/fuel for little effect, any thing beyond 10kmh is noise/wake and the boat digging it self into the water. I was bouncing along the bottom when i did my first speed test on getting the boat :(

Couchsurfing (CS) - its been dead for a long time and the ones lovely corpse is stinking.

The and are both social groups we have to move aside from if we are to have hope for technical social change

From London on the North Sea to the Black Sea. Tommorw we sail back into the tidal waters of the North Sea to compleat our sea to sea cross europe adventure

This is what the have been doing over the last 10 years. Anyone who has knowingly supported this needs to think about there actions if/and when we stepaway from this mess. We clearly need to stop pushing "ethical" and only push as a place to step to for a hopeful outcome

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We are looking at options for next year:
Option A: go back to the UK through northern europe
Option B: head to South of France in search of a warmer climate
Option C: go up to the Baltic, costal hop all the way to St Petersburg and then down the Volga to the Caspian Sea.
What you guys think?

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