It’s now hard to get an easy view of the death of as a lot of the most shitty behaver was taken offline as a part of the ripping that tore the project apart. For the this is a problem that we strongly need to mediate when implementing “individualistic” rights/workflows. We need to keep metadata flows intact to build trust and history. This challenge raises questions on the balance between privacy and transparency.

The big is run in the voluntarist economic model of patron and donations to cover basic costs. The technical federation allows this to happen at a humane scale. This was how was run for 10 years – not without stresses that we do need to mediate. at the we have seed funding for 3-4 years and looking for sustainability here.

Every time I go to Wikipedia I find articles that used to be fantastic have become piss poor by being water dawn by postmodernist academic wank - when projects are captured by oligarchies they decline fast. There is a lesson to learn from this

What would a non movement look like.

* firstly it would have to get past meany that are now common sense.

My action is to this is to jump back in time to before these blocks solidified and start to build up from there. It's not a bad idea and will likely work if people embrace it.

* Non tech is SOCIAL/community and needs to step away from the current geek agenders to have real power for social change.

project we use the to build from this.

In tech "security/privacy" are both neo-liberal tools to CLOSE the possibility of tech pushing social challenge to

We need to compost this shit - you have a shovel

The project we are building from the grassroots up as have little hope from the progressive top down crew to do anything meaningful on this front. we hide the changes that 40 years of neo-liberalism made in us all. We lived through a "revolution" a nasty one. This continues and is deeply embedded in us and our instantiations being largely an invisible that make visible in their own way. Social shovels and compost comes to mind as a way out of this mess.

Food for thought.

The is not actually interested in the as a human value network. Instead, they often feed off the current mess in different unhealthy ways. Feeding off the dying is bowing down to the

Looked at it this way the need for change becomes more obvuse and active carrot and stick work important.

The is a shovel to compost this inhuman mess.

The is a standards based political software framework to build and grassroots semantic web of trust links and flows. We do this by outlining a human understandable workflow and then build radical real world apps from this. We are agnostic on the underlighing technology and programming as long as it is based.

New radical content every day on see the best from the fluffy and the spiky side of activism from around the world, a project of the we are rolling out local news sites now with get involved.

What we are pushing at the is x10 to hard for normal people to use. When we outreach meany people come aboard to try and push onto the project 10x harder to use tools than what we push - this is the expecting people to user tools that are x100 times harder to use than the tools the offer them for "free"

This destructive behaver has to stop.To have hope of a reboot., lets try and be human as we have piles of shit to shovel all ready without adding more.

We all know this already - we cannot keep living inside the for this to become real we need to build out good for projects like the a film about the last mess we had to deal with, the problem was it was not done with shovels

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Check out the fattist posts about the on my blog and find out about the and project :)

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