What we mean by equality between the sexes is not just that men will no longer oppress women. We also want men to no longer be oppressed by other men and women no longer to be oppressed by other women.
-- He Zhen

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Is there a word for "Freemium", where free is so bad, that one can assume it only exists to make users buy premium?

Free culture benefits consumers, it benefits artists, and it benefits the general culture. The only people who don't benefit are the parastic corporations of Big Content.
-- Kevin Carson

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Ooh, didn’t realise you could subscribe to an RSS feed by just entering the site’s url into Feedbin. That saves a lot of time hunting around for a hidden feed!

Remember that exciting crap you were interested in a few years ago and a few of you still are. It was crap then, its crap an avalanche of crap now medium.com/crypto-lucid/decent

Spotify uses a ton of energy for streaming. Spotify makes billions while 90% of artists make pennies. Spotify makes A TON of money from ads that are b4 songs uploaded without permission and/or use samples that aren’t cleared.

Is it unethical to use Spotify instead of pirating music and listening to the mp3s offline? Sending $1 on Bandcamp to a musician is probably more than they’ll ever make from you streaming their songs and uses way less electricity.

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yes... we need structural projects, otherwise the is no good outcome. We have the and governance to work on.

@bob right!

I somehow got the impression that not many people believe their ethical consumerism is enough, but it's 'what they can do'.

Here we are, gawking into the abyss, taking on systemic issues... I can't blame people for not wanting to join in 😆

(Would be excellent though, if we could divert even a tiny fraction of the cash going into green washed products to systemic projects)

This is what our nutty friends in the world have been building out for the last 5 years. Artificial scarcerty in that all there projects come from is direct worship. These guys are pushing the dispacent of billions of people and the death of millions over the next 100 years due to ecological disaster

You need to talk to the deluded ones, and directly confront the non deluded ones in the cryptocurrency space.


undercover cops are literally secret police

this seems painfully obvious when actually stated and yet

Amazon pulled out of NYC when activists and politicians dared to question the wisdom of giving a wildly profitable monopolist a massive subsidy that would lead to the destruction of local businesses and skyrocketing housing prices.

Today in his BIG newsletter, Matt Stoller interviews NY's Senator Mike Gianaris, who introduced SB933, which explicitly broadens the basis for antitrust enforcement to include curbing unaccountable corporate power and protecting workers.



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On the subject of apathy and Laissez-faire common sense, we do have a problem, and we need to build, structers that take this problem into account. The is a space for creativity here.

People are up shit creek without a paddle, and they kinda need to look at different places to get out of the mess they are in

I see the same pattern in a lot of other places. A movement needs support. People that understand and support the goal and do the hard work, often without reward. Instead they are attacked. It takes a lot to continue to fight for good solutions.

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The advantage of being older in tech is that you have seen generations of #fail and a few success, so in a good positions to push down fail and push up the working. Of course there are no guarantees on any of these, but meany things are obviously pointless, and some things are interestingly possible. So overall a worthwhile contribution.

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