irony levels high..

as far as I know I've now been blocked by two accounts:

1 @fedilab, who I asked about their chumminess with Nazis

2 a random person who was calling for people to switch away from Fedilab, to whom I suggested some maybe-more-useful alternative actions



Hmmm, that's strange, @fedilab doesn't strike me as someone who would ban just like that. And also they are not cozying to nazis, not to the best of my knowledge 🤔

anti-trans slur 

anti-trans slur 

anti-trans slur 

anti-trans slur 

I've been on #gab a couple of times. Yeah you rarely find some racist spewing his propaganda there. But this is what happens in a place where no one imposes an ideology on you. Even on real life you'll find the occasional racist who's there to make your day bad. But blaming @fedilab for giving you access is stupid. Don't like the place? Don't go there. It should be your choice to not access gab, it shouldn't be imposed on you by others, that's tyranny

@alexandru_balan like I said, please find someone else to explain it to you.

Before asking them, maybe have a little think about whether it's "tyranny" that people will ask you to leave a workplace / public park / family gathering if you start spewing racist abuse..

@alexandru_balan oh, and, one thing I'm happy to correct: tolerating Nazis is as much an "ideology" as not tolerating them..

The thing is that gab is not racist, there is only a small part which is racist. So yeah it is tyranny to ban gab for those people. It's like any other environment where people interact, there will always be The Asshole which we all will ignore and leave him be. We do not close or ban anything usually just because of an asshole.

If you see some racist in gab, you have every right to tell him to go away, and he has every right to stay. Baning won't make him less racist, arguments might

@alexandru_balan what's your evidence for that theory? cos it looks to me like shutting down the places that bigots organise shuts down the bigotry:

I'd like to believe it but I found only one recent study and is sponsored by the likes of Facebook and Twitter which are the greatest censors in the social media world.

@alexandru_balan if you would really "like to believe it" you would have looked up the name of the author of the article I linked to a screenshot from, Chandrasekharan, and found "You Can’t Stay Here: The Efficacy of Reddit’s 2015 Ban Examined Through Hate Speech", Proc. ACM Hum.-Comput. Interact. 1, 2, Article 31 (November 2017), 22 pages.

Funding sources listed as "National Institutes of Health" and "National Science Foundation"

@alexandru_balan but either you're so ideologically committed to providing a platform for bigots that you don't want to find evidence, or you expect marginalised people to do your leg-work for you because you're too lazy. In either case: bye 👋

Meh, fair enough but have you read it? There is no empirical evidence of any change of behaviour on either user or community level.

Oh and thanks for the ban, I just changed my mind suddenly now that I'm banned

Horrible Gab Posts From 5 Minutes of Looking 

@isolategab yeah, lol, "rarely", right? 🤦‍♀️

@alexandru_balan @fedilab
The reason why people are banning Gab is not because a "gab instance" is fascist or racist. It's because Gab is a capitalist entity co-opting free software and other leftist movements and technologies. This is seen numerous times in history There is no doubt that Gab is a right-wing social network company / website ( and has close ties with the far right, fascists and white supremacists (

Failing to ignore this fact shows your bias.

re: anti-trans slur 

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