I think I'm as slapdash as they come, but please, let me never be as rushed as the person who painted a wall without moving the computer mouse first 🙏

(this is not the first, second or third time I've seen computer equipment with wall paint on it..)

hi could one of the free speech fundamentists who inexplicably decided to start following me please take on this Serious Issue? 🙏

My "news" tab in Fedilab is blank after I apparently got blocked by the fragile clown who runs @fedilab


I guess app functionality isn't *always* as important as user comfort after all, hey?



Today I learned that domain name registrars have a very sharp sense of irony..

, proudly profiteering off mismanagement of the main internet name-space since 1998!

(quick, someone register guerrilagirls.art and use it to hawk T-shirts)


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